fall 2012 ma research students

Master of Arts in Psychology, Option in Psychological Research Students
Fall 2012 Entry

Fall 2012 MAPR Students  


Melodi Bowman
Melodi Bowman, MA 

Hometown: Long Beach, CA
BA (Psychology), San Francisco State
Research area interests: Psychopharmacology
Personal interests: Going to the beach, hiking  
Thesis: Early Exposure to Ketamine does not Affect Nicotine Reward during Adolescence in Male and Female Rats  

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Ryan Brenes
Ryan Brenes

Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
BA (Cognitive Science) / BS (Psychology), UC San Diego
Research area interests: Substance abuse
Personal interests: Playing and coaching sports  


Sarah Clingan
Sarah Clingan, MA 

Hometown: Los Alamitos, CA
BA (Psychology), CSULB
Research area interests: Drug abuse
Personal interests: Surfing  
Thesis: Trading Sex for Drugs, Trading Sex for Money: Is There a Difference  

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Lora Connor
Laura Connor, MA   

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
BA (Psychology/English), CSULB
Research area interests: Stress, coping, personality
Personal interests: Reading, writing, exercise, beach, camping, swimming  
Thesis: The Neuroticism Personality Trait and Its Relationship to Menopausal Symptoms  


Marcie Dorethy
Marcie Dorethy Haydon, MA  

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
BA (Anthropology/Psychology), CSULB
Research area interests: Intervention strategies for at-risk adolescents
Personal interests: Yoga, photography, running  
Thesis: Counterfactual Thinking: The Effects of Temporal Framing on the Construction of Meaning 

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Ramon Flores
Ramon Flores, MA  

Hometown: East Los Angeles, CA
BA (Psychology), Pitzer College
Research area interests: Acculturation and Ethnic Minority Mental Health
Personal interests: Reading, exercising, drawing, hiking  
Thesis: Parent-Child Acculturation Gaps, Family Conflict, and Child Psychological Distress in Mexican Immigrant Families  


Yasmin Kofman
Yasmin Kofman

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
BA (Psychology), CSULB
Research area interests: Stress, coping, health, acculturation
Personal interests: Volleyball, reading, eating  

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Gregg Muragishi
Gregg Muragishi, MA 

Hometown: Hacienda Heights, CA
BA (Psychology), USC
Research area interests: Social identity development, acculturation
Personal interests: Hiking, reading, cooking  
Thesis: The Effect of Mentors on Social Identity Threat for Underrepresented Minority Students in Science  

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Alex Roberts
Alex Roberts. MA 

Hometown: Irvine, CA
BA (Psychology), Point Loma Nazarene Univ
Research area interests: Violence and Aggression
Personal interests: Music, Rock climbing  
Thesis: The Impact of Trait Displaced Aggression on Impulsivity, Criminal Behavior, and Drug Use   


Jennifer Moore
Jennifer Robinson, MA  

Hometown: Upland, CA
BA (Psychology), UC Santa Cruz
Research area interests: Motivation
Personal interests: Running, hiking  
Thesis: Are Implicit Theories of Interest Associated with the Use of Interest-Enhancing Strategies?