Master of Arts in Psychology, Option in Psychological Research Students
Fall and Spring 2015 Entry

Fall 2015 MAPR Students  


Chelsea Barnes  

Hometown: San Jose, CA
BA (Psychology), San Jose State University
Research area interests: Military trauma, Mindfulness
Personal interests: Swimming, music, reading  


Luma Bashmi, MA      

Hometown: Riffa, Bahrain
MA (Marketing & Communications), London College of Communications; University of the Arts – London
Research area interests: Judgment and Decision-making, Theory of Planned Behavior and Healthy Eating, Health-related Behaviors, Stress and Coping, Cross-cultural Psychology
Personal interests: Ashtanga yoga, spinning, swimming, fitness, fine art (Renaissance and Contemporary)  


Emily Bates   

Hometown: McLean, VA
BA (Psychology), James Madison University
Research area interests: Psychopharmacology, Clinical Neuropsych
Personal interests: Cooking, reading, swimming  


Graham Bowers     

Hometown: Long Beach, CA
BS (Psychology), CSULB
Research area interests: Cognition, Emotion
Personal interests: Friends, art, travel  


Ronald D Flores    

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
BA (Psychology and Mathematics), UCLA
Research area interests: Identity, Motivation
Personal interests: Martial arts, travel  


Christopher Gunderson, MA      

Hometown: San Diego, CA
BA (Psychology), San Diego State University
Research area interests: Aggression
Personal interests: Linux, pool, audio production, jiu jit su  
Thesis: The Moderating Effect of Type of Target on the Relationship between Collective Rumination and Displaced Aggression   


Eunji Kong, MA      

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
BA (Psychology), UC Berkeley
Research area interests: Community Psychology
Personal interests: Sewing, knitting, reading  
Thesis: Academic Success for Students Exposed to Parental Intimate Partner Violence  


Preethi Panyam, MA      

Hometown: San Jose, CA
BA (Neuroscience), BA (Psychology), UC Santa Cruz
Research area interests: Women’s / Community Mental Health
Personal interests: Music  


Bryan Salgado   

Hometown: Norwalk CA
BA (Psychology & Social Behavior), UC Irvine
Research area interests: Minority Mental Health
Personal interests: Exploring places, playing soccer  


Andrew Taylor    

Hometown: Costa Mesa, CA
BA (Psychology), CSULB
Research area interests: Aggression, Rumination, Ego Depletion
Personal interests: Fishing, backpacking, baseball  


Chris Vardeman, MA     

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
BA (Psychology), University of New Mexico
Research area interests: Behavior on Social Media, Cognition, Social Psychology
Personal interests: Reading, music, hiking