MAPR Fall 2017 Cohort

Master of Arts in Psychology, Option in Psychological Research Students
Fall 2017 Entry










Fall 2017 MAPR Students       











Shar Alam    

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA  
BA (Psychology), CSU Northridge  
Research area interests: Stereotyping, Gender, Discrimination    
Personal interests: Travel 












Monique Amin     

Hometown: Brea, CA  
BA (Psychology), CSULB   
Research area interests: Mental health, Cultural influences,    
                                        Child and adolescent development     
Personal interests: Reading, Hiking, Traveling, Disneyland    













Dacey Bashaw        

Hometown: Anaheim, CA   
BA (Psychology), Cal Poly Pomona    
Research area interests: Aggression and intergroup relations      
Personal interests: Swimming, Beach, Reading  













Peter Dinh       

Hometown: Stanton, CA
BA (Psychology/Cognitive Science), UC Irvine    
Research area interests: ASD, Cognition   
Personal interests: Outdoor living, Basketball   













Daniela Franco         

Hometown: Long Beach, CA   
BA (Psychology), CSULB     
Current research area interests: Neuroscience     
Personal interests: Reading, Drawing, Exploring new places     













Alisha Ginsberg        

Hometown: Visalia, CA   
BA (Psychology), Loyola Marymount      
Current research area interests: Clinical, Neuropsychology, 
                                                    Health Psychology      
Personal interests: None stated  













Angela Hart     

Hometown: Tracy, CA  
BA (Psychology), CSU Stanislaus     
Research area interests: Social Psychology   
                                        (Intimate/Romantic relationships)      
Personal interests: Hiking, Ice hockey, Vegetarian-lifestyle, Reading   













Joshua Lozano        

Hometown: San Pedro, CA   
BA (Psychology/Sociology), Dominguez Hills     
Research area interests: Aggression and resource inequality    
Personal interests: Reading, Volunteering, Gardening  













Olivia Silke      

Hometown: Fullerton, CA  
BA (Psychology), Chapman Univ     
Current research area interests: Stress, Mind-body interventions, 
                                                    Maternal health and well-being,
                                                    Positive psychology   
Personal interests: Rock climbing, Camping, Traveling, Hiking, 
                               Yoga, Meditation, Plant-based cooking













Zachary Tuttle        

Hometown: Sacramento, CA   
BA (Psychology), Sacramento State Univ    
Current research area interests: Effects of Exercise on Mental Health      
Personal interests: School, work, gym  













Alissa Vandenbelt     

Hometown: San Clemente, CA   
BA (Psychology), UC Santa Barbara      
Research area interests: Close relationships, Stress coping,  
                                        Positive psychology      
Personal interests: Live music performances, Camping, Hiking, 
                               Beach walks, Bravo TV shows, Traveling