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California State University, Long Beach
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Psychology Master’s Theses Abstracts
MA-Psychological Research

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(beginning 1999)

Summer 2014 

Iliana Cherniss
Risky Sexual Behaviors, Perceived Risk, and Sexually Transmitted Infections among Women of Different Sexual Orientations
(not yet published)

Hilary Kyle 
The Role of Perspective and Encoding specific Cueing in Survival Processing
(not yet published)

Alexander Roberts
The Impact of Trait Displaced Aggression on Impulsivity, Criminal Behavior, and Drug Use 
(not yet published)

Spring 2014

Brent Fremming
A Multivariate Logistic Model of Drug Use, Aggression, and Media influence in Men Who Practice Heterosexual Anal Sex
(not yet published) 

Karissa Miller
Impact of Health Behaviors on Prenatal Maternal Stress
(not yet published) 

Jennifer Robinson
Are Implicit Theories of Interest Associated with the Use of Interest-Enhancing Strategies?
(not yet published) 

Winter 2014

Sarah Clark 
Psychological Resilience, Daily Stressors, and Implications for Physical Activity Levels in Mothers with Young Children 

Fall 2013

Michelle Stephens 
Helping Survivors of Sexual Assault: The Role of General and Event-Specific Empathy 

Summer 2013

Alcala, Matthew 
Sexual Health Risk Perceptions and the Role of Community Discourse Among Black Lesbian Women: A Qualitative Study 

Arenas, Archie 
The Relation Among the Symptoms of Anxiety, Depression, and Hangover 

Chen, Anna 
Warmth and Attachment as Separate Systems within Interpersonal Relationships due to Trust 

Freche, Ronald 
Optimism and Resilience, as Moderated by Coping Style, on Prenatal Depressive Symptomology and Salivary Cortisol Response to Stress 

Garcia, Arturo 
Long-Term Shifts in Adolescent Nicotine Reward Following Early Methylphenidate Exposure in Male and Female Rats 

Meyers, Stephanie
Ecstasy Use, Impulsivity, Adult ADHD, and Unprotected Anal Sex

Robles, Carlos Karl
The Role of Self-concordance on Human Growth 

Spring 2013

Vaughan, Rhiannon “Bri”
There’s Something about Glia: Post-Injury Radial Glial Response in the Avian Subventricular Zone

Vaughn, Emma
Find Me on Facebook: A New Typology for Categorizing Online Personalities

Winter 2013

Baig, Safia
Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate Use and its Association with Implusivity, Risky Sex, Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Sexually Transmitted Infections

Zazworsky, Lisa
Dumbing Down for Others: Differences in Socially Motivated Underachievement between Working and Middle Class Students

Fall 2012

Bergen, Krista
Predictors and Barriers of Student Activism

Hauptmann, Kurt
Determination of Response Bias to an Authority Figure in Satisfaction Survey Results for Clinical Trials

Vincent, Matthew
Relationships Among Problem Attributions, Upset Feelings, Coping Strategy, and Coping Goal Attainment in Korean Americans

Summer 2012

Peschek, Benjamin
Breaking Down “The Wall:” Assessing Mood Change During a Marathon

Spring 2012

Glover, Dawn
Mood & Learning: The Relationship Between Energetic and Tense Arousal States and Perceived Study Quality

Lee, Joo Young Katherine
Stereotypes, Interest, and Persistence: An Examination of why Women Leave the Science, Technology, engineering, and Math Fields

Fall 2011

Wood, Aurora
Reinforcing Learning: Comparing an Online Versus Classroom-based ABA Training Program

Summer 2011

Airth, Dan E.
Somewhere in Between: The Role of Length of Residence and Age of Arrival in Predicting Acculturation to the Host Culture

Brooks, Ryan
Failure to Return for HIV Test Results and Avoidant Coping

Truong, Ana
Alcohol Priming and its Effects on Aggression-Related Cognitive Accessibility and Behavior Over Time

Spring 2011

Chen, Grace C.
Exploring the Benefits of Restudying: Metacognitive Judgments During Massed Versus Spaced Study Sessions

Creekmur, Beth
The Effect of Prior Practice on the SRC Effect in a Mixed Mapping Environment

Smallwood, Nina A.
Effects of Body Image on Maternal Depresion and Cortisol Levels during Pregnancy

Winter 2011

Hahm, Aryun
Rumination and Aggression: Is Ego Depletion to Blame?

Fall 2010

Andrews, Steven
Effects of Behavior, Context and Observer Gender on the Perceived Guilt for Sexual Assault

Damiano, Elizabeth
The Effects of Psychological Stress on Physical Health Over Time

Grosvenor, Marianne
The Effect of Provocation Ambiguity and Prime Content on Aggressive Behavior

Sorauf, Reyna
Terror Management Theory, Religiousity and Aggression

Summer 2010

Gardner, Ricca
A Time Course Analysis of Stem Cell Activity Following Brain Injury in Food-Storing Black-Capped Chickadees (Poecile Atricapillus)

Winter 2010

Fulton, Erika
Differential Effects of Nicotine on Prospective Memory, Sustained Attention, and Working Memory

Sheldon, Alison
The Impact of Power Restoration and Narcissism on Aggression

Fall 2009

Basilio, Camille
Community Definition and Benefits: Perspectives from African American Lesbians

Kelley, Nicholas
The Effect of Provocation Intensity and Remination on Triggered Displaced Aggression

Storholm, Erik
A Psychometric Analysis of the Compulsive Sexual Behavior Inventory

Somlo, David
Planning and Arousal: Distinguishing Between Emotional and Cognitive Control

Summer 2009

Boyce, Ayesha
It’s Written All Over Your Face: The Impact of Afrocentric Facial Features, Gender, Race and Explicit Attitudes on Implicit Preferences

Drumheller, Kristin
Injury-Induced Cell Proliferation in Brain Repair and Recovery of Function

Hoskins, Lisa
The Effects of Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Mode of Transmission on Blaming HIV-Positive Individuals

Kruse, Elliott
Affective Functioning: The Influence of Positive Affect on Incremental and Insight Problem-Solving

Rabas, Audrey
Effects of Speed Stress on Learning with Different S-R Mappings: Does a Learning Reversal Occur?

Winter 2009

Castro, Joaquin
The Effect of Different Levels of Rhythmic Movement Set to Music on Tension Reduction and Energy Increase: Mood Alterations During Jazzercise Classes

Fall 2008

Ferguson, Peggy
Determinants of Student-Instructor Engagement and Perceptions of Learning

Mulvey, Emily
Exploratory Analysis of Psychosocial Influences on Well-Being Among Military Spouses

Ngo, Thuan K.
A Measure of Expertise for Relative Pitch

Summer 2008

Black, Candace J.
Do Oral Contraceptives Influence Female Preferences for Mates?

Jennings, Amy
The Personal Empowerment Program: A Collaborative Evaluation

Matsuo, Kayo
Effects of Frustration and Temporal Distance on Altruistic Behavior

McQuesten, Matthew J.
Political Ideology and Social-Cognitive Motives: The Need for Closure in Relation to Religiosity, Worldview, and Candidate Selection

Spring 2008

Menjivar, Jenny
The Effects of Hippocampal Lesions on Apoptosis in the Adult Zebra Finch

Pekarek, Christina J.
Intimate Partner Violence and Interracial Relationships: Prevalence, Perceived Social Support, and Gender

Rivera, Nichole
The Effect of Situational Target Status and Personality on Triggered Displaced Aggression

Winter 2008

Collins, Tara Jeanne
Love is a Battlefield: Passionate Love as an Amplifier of Aggression and the Moderating Role of Attachment Style

Walti, Ian A.
The Role of Trait Displaced Aggression on Social Support and Social Network Composition

Watanabe, Kana
The Effect of Peer Pressure and Cultural Identity on Drinking of Japanese-Born Males Living in the United States

Fall 2007

Howrigan, Daniel P.
Intentional Humor as a Mental Fitness Indicator

Summer 2007

Erselius, Keith
Effects of Attire, Context, and Observer Gender on the Perceived Guilt for Sexual Assault

Kaighobadi, Farnaz
Feminist Identity Development of Iranian Immigrant Women and Its Relationship with Their Psychological Well-Being

Latimore, Amanda D.
The Psychometric Examination of the Sexual Addiction Screening Test in a Sample of Gay Men at Risk for HIV

Law, L. Matthew
Differences in Response to Injury Between Food-Storing and Non-Storing Birds

Onuki, Mayuko
To Stay or to Leave: The Role of Culture in Choice of Strategy for Protecting Collective Self-Esteem

Reece, Nicole A.
The Role of Insecurity, External Locus of Control, Neuroticism, Low Self-Efficacy, and Low Self-Esteem in Romantic Jealousy

Romant, Sandra
Batterer’s Intervention Program Evaluation: Beyond Recidivism Rates

Summer 2006

Edwards, Jordan
Antisocial Personality Disorder and HIV-Related Risk

Guzman, Yesenia
Test-Retest Reliability of the Spanish Version of the Dissipation Rumination Scale

Redpath, David
An Examination of Coping Strategy and Drug Use

Rentie, Rashika
The Impact of Father Involvement on African American Women Pertaining to Risky Sexual Behavior

Winter 2006

Brown, David
Locus of Control Orientation as a Predictor of Reactions to Letters of Welcome Among College Students

Fall 2005

Atoofi, Saeid
Tailoring Utterances and Modifying Nonverbal Behavior as Perspective-Taking with Different Addresses: An Investigation of Theory of Mind in Adults

Siegman, Barbara
The Impact of Framing Effects and Level of Need for Cognition on Organ Donation Decisions

Summer 2005

Behbehani, Misha
The Effects of Importance and Culture on Prospective Memory

Brown, Brenda
Reducing False Memories: Comparisons of the Differential Encoding Conditions of Perception, Imagery, and Generation

Cabral, Giannina
Self-Blame as a Mediator of Avoidance Coping Among Rape Survivors

Chin, James
The Role of Counselor Ethnicity and Racial Attitudes in Initial Counselor Effectiveness Ratings by Asian American and Euro-American College Students

Jaffe, Adi
Drug Use and Aggression: The Effect of Rumination and Other Person Related Variables

Fall 2004

Cojucar, Geta
Bilingual Blindspot for Text-embedded Interlingual Non-Cognate Homographs: The Interference Effect of Interlingual Word-Frequency on Recognizing Cross-Contextual Interlingual Homographs

Johnson, Janice
Development of a Tense-Tiredness Index as a Predictive Scale for Depression

Summer 2004

Doyle, Patrick
Exploring Overconfidence: Response Mode and Question Difficulty Using Four-Choice Stimuli

Duke, Lisa
Predicting Memory Impairment in Rape Survivors: Examining Memory Intrusions and Locus of Control Orientation

Galeano, Christina
Buprenorphine: A Dose-Response Study of Expression of Conditioned Place Preference in Rats

Huynh, Que-Lam
Validating a Multidimensional Measure of Acculturation for Vietnamese Americans

Nikola Saunders
Injury Induced Cytogenesis and the Influence of BDNF on Cell Proliferation in Adult Zebra Finches

Spring 2004

Burton, Kimberly
Concurrent Validity of a New Measure of Stress

Diane Guettler
The Effects of Source Location, Timing, Direction, and Separation of Apparent Motion in the Visual, Auditory, and Tactile Modalities

Winter 2004

Salvatore-Hale, Dominica
Effects of Knowledge Accuracy and Confidence About Organ Donation Facts on the Willingness to Donate Organs

Fall 2003

Reed, Daniel
An Examination of Aurally Aided Visual Search Performance Using Urgency Characteristics of Auditory Warning Sounds

Summer 2003

Lickel, Jason
On the Salience of Auditory Cues: Effects of Frequency, Amplitude Change and Spatial Location

Rothman, Michael
The Relationship Between Individual Difference Variables and Mood Regulation

Spring 2003

Jeffrey, Amanda
Personality Functioning Among Adolescent Populations

Ohlson, Marina
A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Locus of Control in Asian American and European American Students

White, Jessica
Stereotypes and Retrieval-Induced Forgetting: When Elderly Are Stronger than Their Middle-Aged Counterparts

Fall 2002

Calvillo, Tamara
Differential Effects of Television and Video Game Violence on Aggressive Behavior

Ilich, Maria
The Use of the Internet as a Coping Resource

Denson, Thomas
Cognitive Functioning as a Mediator in Quality of Life in Bipolar I Disorder

Wetzel, Melanie
Multiple Text-Based Asynchronous Communication Tools in Effective Online Communities

Spring 2002

Davis, Dawn
Observer Versus Field Perspectives in False Memories

Winter 2002

Hornstein, Adam
An Evaluation of Alternative Keyboard Layouts for Handheld Computers

Klahn, Jennifer
Homelessness Among Out-of-Treatment Drug Users

Fall 2001

Poosuthasee, Nida
A Test of the Incentive-Sensitization Theory of Addiction: Resistance to Extinction

Summer 2001

Bauerle, Stacie
An Attribution Theory Analysis of Romantic Jealousy

Hassett, Shannon
The Mitigating Effects of Smiling on Anger and Aggression

Spring 2001

Beck, Karen
Adolescent General Knowledge Assessment: Exploring Differences in Mutual Knowledge Judgments

Dillon, Brandon
Different Categorization Schema in Research on the Effect of Parental Alcoholism on Their Adult Children

Dobbs, Sharon
Retrospective Analysis of Self-Reported Success and Failure Among Chronic Pain Patients in a Self –Management Program

Le, Thu
The Mutual Constraints of Working Memory in Younger and Older Adults

Mitchell, Emilie
Justice Is in the Eye of the Beholder: The Role of Implicit Racial Stereotypes on Source-Monitoring Decisions and Assessments of Punishment

Winter 2001

McCarthy, Anna
Gender Differences in the Incidences of, Motives for, and Consequences of, Dating Violence Among College Students

Fall 2000

Larro, Michelle
Conditioned Place Preference Induced by Sucrose Ingestion: Effects of Naloxone and Haloperidol

Olsen, Rebecca
Parent-Child Interaction in Establishing Common Ground Before and After Theory-of-Mind Development

Smith, Wendy
Development and Validation of the Perceived Self-Efficacy for Statistics Scale

Summer 2000

Huon, John
Attachment Style as a Predictor of Sense of Coherence

Spring 2000

Racho, Erik
Age Differences in Resource Allocation During a Working Memory Task: An EEG Study

Fall 1999

Beiner, Cheri
Differences in Body Image and Self-Concept between Sighted and Congenitally Blind Women

Berg, Karrie
The Ability of 7-OH-DPAT to Decrease Dopamine Release During Periods of Anticipation, and Thus Prevent the Subsequent Cravings Associated with Drug Addiction

Schlundt, Carolyn
The Effect of Projector Position on the Hearing Thresholds of Dolphins (Tursiops truncates) at 2, 8, and 12 kHz

Schwarz, Rochelle
Consistency as a Moderator of the Relationship between Personality and Coping