Psychology Master’s Theses Abstracts Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Psychology Master’s Theses Abstracts
Industrial/Organizational Psychology

IO Grads 2009

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Summer 2019  

Rehmann, Catherine   
Benevolent Sexism in the Workplace: The Impact on Affect, Behavior, Cognition, and Performance   

Fall 2018  

Cheban, Yuliya      
The Impact of Cultural Resilience on Affect and Performance in Organizational Settings     

Summer 2018    

Oleman, Whitney    
The Effect of Leadership Development Interventions on Engineering Program Alumni     

Spring 2018    

Kautz, Brian    
The Self-Correcting Workplace: The Impacts of Continuance Commitment and Job Autonomy on the Relationship between Job Dissatisfaction and Creativity     

Fall 2016    

Gergis, Christina   
Perceived Effectiveness of the O*NET Skills Search Tool in Identifying Potential Occupations for Individuals with High Functioning Autism    

Good, Stephanie    
Expanding the Typical Employment Options for High-Functioning Individuals on the Autism Spectrum using Occupational Interest Theory and a Web-Based Job Search Tool     

Spring 2016

DeYoung, Mindy
Does Giving Contingent Rewards Improve Training Effectiveness and Change Professional Social Website Behaviors

Odom, Brianna
Helping or Hurting?  The Effects of Manipulated Levels of Sexism on Third Party Perceptions of Interviewee Hireability and Managerial Potential

Summer 2015

Gentz, Rachel
The Effect of Non-Engaging vs Engaging Training Methods on the Acceptance of Sexual Harassment Myths

Fall 2014

Kim, Eugene         
Displays of Counterproductive Work Behaviors on Facebook: An Observation of Possible Predictors Including Mood, Stress, and Gender     

Manderson, Cameron      
Life Stress, Work Stress, and Job Performance: Does Conscientiousness Make a Difference?

Solhjou, Maryam     
The Effects of Cognitive interventions on Well-Being in the Workplace

Quigley, Jennifer
Let’s Work: Employment Experiences of Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Tucker, Kvon
The Effects of Ethnic Identity, Ethnicity and Ethnic Identifiers on Job Suitability Ratings

Summer 2014

Galleta, John Andrew          
From Injustice to Retaliation: The Mediating Role of Identity Threat     

Smith, Matthew     
Employment Affect of Working Adults with Developmental Disabilities      

Spring 2014

Kruk, Allix      
The Impact of Theoretical-Based Training Method of Performance on Training Professional Social Networking Use

Nam, Sophia    
Do You Agree with This Critique?  An Analysis of the Impacts of Feedback, Feedback Acceptance, and Fairness Perceptions of Performance      

Ramirez, Cinthia    
Perceived Efficacy of the O*Net Skills Search Tool Among Individuals with High Functioning Autism      

Fall 2013

Herrera, Ariel Alexander 
Workplace Retaliation in Groups: The Impact of Narcissism and Referent Status 

Summer 2013

El-Ahraf, Hadeel 
Effects of Rater Ethnicity and Acculturation on Ratings of Middle Eastern Resumes

Spring 2013

Garman, Anya
Increasing the Effectiveness of Sexual Harassment Prevention through Learner Engagement

Nguyen, Quoc Tim 
Modeling Completion at a Community College

Winter 2013

Fisher, Catherine “Tina”
Increasing Organizationzal Commitment by Inducing P-O Fit Through Organizational Values Awareness Training

Fall 2012

Kim, Joan
A Longitudinal Study on the Relationship between Workplace Harassment and Cyberloafing

Kuls, Michaela
Single-Item vs. Multiple-Item: An Examination of Validity and the Impact of Mood in Measuring Construct

Low, Sze Zen
Workplace Harassment and Counterproductive Work Behaviors: A Daily Diary Investigaton

Tietze, Brandon
Developing an Automated Task-Based Minimum Qualification System to Lower Erroneous Rejection and Adverse Impact

Summer 2012

Eslamian, Sanaz
Using Social Media to Increase Employment Changes among College Students

Jurica, Michelle
Napping in the Workplace as an Invisible Stigma: The Moderating Roles of Raters’ Nap Habit, Work Ethic, and Organizational Policy

Smith, Jenni
The Work Expectations of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Valle, Carlos
The Effectiveness of Employment Interview Coaching: A Meta-Analysis 

Wahl, Stephanie
Future Employment of Individuals with a Developmental Disability: Parent Expectations 

Spring 2012

Charboneau, Norma
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: A Look at Ambivalent Sexism and its Impact on Peer Evaluations of Interviewee Competency and Likability

Luu, Lap
The Counteractive Effects of Moods on Organizational Retaliation Behavior in Reaction to Injustice in the Workplace 

Spicer, Rana
Motivating Volunteers and Increasing Satisfaction 

Fall 2011

Cool, Michael
Increasing Survey Response Rates Through Appeals, Pre-Notices, and Reminders

Stokely, Rebekah
Preceived Effectiveness of Interview Coaching Workshops: An Investigation of Differences in Workshop Content and Brevity

Tekonen, Hanna
The Impact of Item Type on Faking Overt Integrity Items

Spring 2011

Arenales, Milady
Case Managers’ Employment Expectations for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Mills, Lindsey
Emotional Labor and Counterproductive Work Behaviors: The Moderating Role of Trait Rumination

McAbee, Samuel
The Impact of Manipulated Fairness Perceptions on the Measurement of Organizational Justice

Fall 2010

Castiglione, Abigail
Counterproductive Work Behaviors: The Role of Employee Support Policies, Envy, and Narcissism

Palacios, Jr, Jorge
Job Role Ambiguity as a Mediator Between Workplace Communication and Positive Work Outcomes

Saedi, Brandon
Training College Students to Increase Employment Opportunity Using Social Networking Websites

Summer 2010

Kato, Nami
Psychological Acculturation, Organizational Socialization and Organizational Commitment:
The Case of Japanese Brazilians Working in Japan

Linke, John
Perceived Parental Support as a Predictor of Vietnamese American Academic Achievement

Miller, David
Outcomes of Psychological Contract Breach and Violation

Nabity, Jeffrey
The Bystander Approach to Sexual Harassment Training: Considering a New Perspective

Walters, Sarah
Ethnicity, Job Experience, and Interview Ratings

Spring 2010

Maguin, Jennifer
A Meta-Analysis of Interpersonal Trust and Team Performance

Norton, Sharon
The Effects of Leadership-Efficacy and Personality on Reactions to Stress

Fall 2009

Ahnefeld, Karoline
The Development and Validation of a Nonviolent Communication Situational Judgment Test (NVC-SJT) for the Workplace

del Carmen Lopez, Maria
Effects of Training Intervention on Hiring Discrimination and Rater Prejudice

Summer 2009

Kurtis, Kimberly
Minority College Student Attitudes Towards the Geological Sciences: Unearthing Barriers to Enrollment

Ledford-Yang, Tiffanie
Culture and Preferred Workplace Conflict Resolution Strategies

Sarkissian, Lara
An Examination of Course-Level Factors Contributing to Student Success

Winter 2009

Venegas, Jennifer
Effectiveness of an Intervention to Increase Employees’ Awareness of Frequency and Seriousness of Cyberloafing

Fall 2008

Dickson, Jennifer
Reality in Recruitment: Realistic Job Previews and Individual Differences

Ruleford, Mallory
Effects of Class Size and Enrollment Growth Incentives on Faculty Performance

Wada, Akane
Retaliation Behavior in the Group Context: Responses to Perceived Justice

Summer 2008

Abulhusn, Karla A.
The Effects of Exposure, Cognitive Ability and Interview Self-Efficacy on Employment Interview Performance

Lurie, Sarah B.
The Morning Commute: The Moderating Effects of Locus of Control and Organizational Commitment on Employees’ Perceived Commuting Strain

Tzschatzsch, Annika
The Effects of Organizational, Supervisor and Coworker Support on Perceived Job Stress and Attitudinal Outcomes

Spring 2008

Escobedo, Matthew
Applicant Anxiety and Selection Interview Performance:
A Meta-Analysis

Ha, Truc Mai
The Fluctuating Bandwidth of Change Management: Factors that Impact Employee Resistance to Workplace Technology

Lewis, Margaret
Classroom Intervention to Facilitate Students’ Questions

Fall 2007

Ahdoot, Joseph
Email Overload: Information Overload and Other Negative Effects of Email Communication

Rivera, Steve A.
Identifying an Optimal Job Analysis Method for Synthetic Validation Studies

Smith, Whitney E.
Interviewee Perceptions of Structured and Unstructured Interview Questions

Summer 2007

Davis, Kimberly Anne
A Meta-Analysis on the Relationship Between Measures of Commute Span and Strain

Spring 2007

Mensinger, Meggan S.
An Investigation into the Impact of Organizational Variables on the Impostor Phenomenon

Summer 2006

Leung, Lisa
Using Perfectionism, Impostor Phenomenon and Occupational Field to Predict Job Burnout

Spring 2006

Long, Ryan
How Personality and Rewards Interact to Impact Performance and Satisfaction

O’Connor, Brendan
The Effects of Awareness of Test Process and Competencies Assessed on Applicant Interview Performance

Fall 2005

Aguilar, Steven
Performance Effects of Gender, Extraversion, and Need for Achievement on Boredom Proneness

Bailey, Wendi
A Comparison of Corporate Reputation as Perceived by Internal and External Stakeholders

Olson, Kristin
Performance Feedback: The Impact of Personality and Communication Mediumon Recipient Satisfaction and Fairness Perceptions

Summer 2005

Costello, Kim
The Influence of Team Design Characteristics and Personality Traitson Short-Term Film Productions’ Effectiveness

Wright, W. Douglass
Casual Attributions and Interactional Justice as Moderators of the Relationship Between Perceived Psychological Contract Breach and Critical Employee Outcomes

Spring 2005

Hammond, Kandice
Learning Styles, Self-Efficacy, and Training Delivery: Investigating Factors That Enhance Learning

Winter 2005

St. Clair, Alta
Characterizations Ascribed to Male Executives, Female Executives and the Ideal Executive

Fall 2004

Kaminski, Kelly
An Examination of Applicant Preparation for Assessment Centers

Summer 2004

Bastian, Briana
Work/Family Benefits Preferences: Assessing Differences by Gender and Ethnic Minority Status

Chan, Linda
The Effects of Ethnic Diversity of LMX, Job Satisfaction, and Organizational Commitment

Croker, Rosee
The Effect of Leadership Style on Employee Work Ethic

Spring 2004

Furumoto, Akira
The Effect of Use of Impression Management on the Performance Rating of Affirmative Action Beneficiaries

Nguyen, Angela-Minhtu
The Mediational Role of Mentoring in the Acculturation-Career Satisfaction Relationship for Asian/Pacific Islander American Faculty

Piffero, Alysia
Range Restriction of Ratings: The Impact of Rater Differences

Wolf, Ilan
Extrinsic Motivation as a Moderator of Gender Role Stereotypes and Career Choice

Fall 2003

Stevens, Christopher
Perceptions of the Work Environment: Role of Negative Affectivity and Spiritual Beliefs

Spring 2003

Dourigan, Allison
Examining Sources of Validity, Adverse Impact, and Procedural Justice in an Assessment Center

Nielsen, Kristin
The Effects of Gender-Role Congruent and Gender-Role Incongruent Leaders on Personnel Rater Perceptions

Fall 2002

Yu, Janie
Test-Taking Motivation and Impression Management on Overt Integrity Tests and Subtests

Summer 2002

Grimes, Catherine
Socialization of Newcomers: An Investigation of Tactic Use and Related Outcomes

Herst, DiAnn
More than an Apple a Day: The Effects of Personal Characteristics and Coping Strategies on Teacher Stress and Burnout

Vasconcellos, Chad
The Moderating Effects of Self-Esteem and Locus of Control on the Relationship between Objective Job Characteristics and Perceived Job Characteristics

Spring 2002

Moore, Andrew
The Heritability of Sexual Orientation and Occupational Choice

Scheinoha, Tricia
Examining Individual Differences in Pay Structures and Pay Satisfaction

Thomas, Kristy
The Relationship of Generation X Work Values to Job Involvement and Organizational Commitment

Winter 2002

White, Duane
Emotional Intelligence and Self-Monitoring: Determiners of Influence Tactic Choice

Fall 2001

Mineghino, Mary Ann
An Empirical Study of the Relationship Between Role Stress and Empowerment in Front-Line Managers and Workers

Summer 2001

Dolden, Stacy
An Examination of the Moderating Role of Perceived Support for Innovation on Leader-Member Exchange, Team-Member Exchange, and Individual Level Work Outcomes

Doss, Sangeeta
A Service Quality Comparison Between Electronic Banking Users and Nonusers

Hoffman, Lori
Perceived System Knowledge and Its Relationship to Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Spring 2001

Heinbuch, Danielle
Educational Assistance and Organizational Commitment Influencing Turnover Intentions

Fall 2000

Jankowski, Rebecca
Sex Stereotypes in Transformational and Transactional Leadership Ratings

Lonergan, Dale
The Interaction of Trainee Perceived Expectations of Themselves and the Trainer on Learning and Reaction to Training (Self-Efficacy and the Reverse Pygmalion Effect)

Primicias, Wesley
Studying Ethnic Differences in Socialization, Job Satisfaction, and Organizational Commitment

Timmons, Sarah
Computerphobia and Computer-Associated Stress in the Workplace

Summer 2000

Arnoldus, Michael
Effects of Locus of Control and Type A Behavior on Selecting of Conflict Handling Styles

DeMaci, Christopher
Feng Shui and Psychology: Situational and Individual Predictors of Dominance

Gulak, Lori
Compressed Workweeks, Commuting, and Life and Job Satisfaction

Mallery, Faith
An Investigation of Need for Achievement and Self-Monitoring on Feedback-Seeking Strategies

Pasanen, Sanna
Emotional Intelligence, Conscientiousness and Integrity as Predictors of Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Sterling, Hillary
The Influence of Gender and Career Salience on College Students’ Desire for Work/Life Benefits

Spring 2000

Dickerson, Andra
Risk Perceptions and Y2K Readiness

Howard, Lara
The Effects of Age and Intrinsic Motivation on the Probability of Career Change

Mosconi, Victor
Personality Differences in Stress Coping Strategies

Newlon, Candace
Effects of Procedural Justice and Self-Efficacy on Acceptance of Merit Pay

Winter 2000

Allen, Donald
The Influence of Environment on Job Interview Ratings with Potential Moderation by Personality Variables

Fall 1999

Flaxman, Gary
Work-Family Conflict as a Mediator between Family Responsive Policies and Job Outcomes

Mendez, Margarita
Leader-Member Exchange as Moderator of the Job Dissatisfaction-Communication Response Relationship

Menges, Michele
Interactional Justice as a Mediator between Emotional Intelligence and Work-Related Attitudes