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California State University, Long Beach
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Andrea Karabenick, MA

Current city of residence:

E-mail address:  


LinkedIn Profile               

Organization for which I currently work:
     Kaiser Permanente
Job title:
     Sr Leadership Development Coordinator  

Past employers:
     Southern California Edison
          Human Resource Counsultant
     Metropolitan Transportation Authority
          Sr. Development and Training Specialist
     Carl Karcher Enterprises
          Management Development Specialist

Research/IO interests:

Undergraduate education:
     BA in Economics; CSU Long Beach, CA

Thesis title and abstract:
Experimental Effects of Performance Appraisal Favorability versus Accuracy upon Work Motivation
This study experimentally studied the effects of the favorability and accuracy of performance appraisals (PAs) on work motivation in a role-playing situation. Favorability and accuracy were nonorthogonal, making interpretation difficult. Favorability and the subordinate’s perceived accuracy, and objectively calculated accuracy of the appraisal were the independent variables. Sixty students in a psychology course were the subjects. As hypothesized, positive PAs produced higher levels of motivation than did moderate PAs, and perceived accurate PAs produced higher levels of motivation than inaccurate PAs. Objectively Calculated Accuracy had the same effects. Also, as hypothesized, those with positive accurate PAs had the highest level of motivation, followed in order by those with positive inaccurate PAs, moderate accurate PAs, and moderate inaccurate PAs. These findings indicate that people value feeling good and hearing the truth about themselves but, when choosing between the two, value feeling good more than hearing the truth.

General interests: