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California State University, Long Beach
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Jami Ross, MA

Current city of residence:

E-mail address:


LinkedIn Profile             

Organization for which I currently work:
     City of Santa Rosa
Job title:
     Human Resources Analyst  

Past employers:
     Los Angeles Unified School District
          Senior Human Resources Analyst
     Los Angeles Unified School District
          Human Resources Analyst
     Los Angeles Unified School District
     Little Company of Mary Hospital
          Emergency Room Registration Clerk

Research/IO interests:

Undergraduate education:
     BA in Psychology
          CSU Long Beach, CA

Thesis title and abstract:
Impression Management by High and Low Self-Monitoring Job Applicants on Computer versus Paper-and-Pencil Questionnaires
     This study investigated whether the method of administering questionnaires to job applicants impacts their performance. Because past research has shown that subjects high in self-monitoring are more sensitive to situational characteristics, it was hypothesized that high self-monitors would be more impacted by the method of administration than would low self-monitors.
      One hundred nine undergraduate students played the role of job applicant, with a prize offered as a motivator. Subjects completed the HPI Reliability Scale and the BIDR Impression Management Scale, either by computer or by paper and pencil. All completed Snyder’s Self-Monitoring Scale.
      Subjects were classified as high or low self-monitors and two-way analyses of variance were performed on HPI and BIDR scores. No main effect or interaction was found on questionnaire responses due to self-monitoring ability or mode of administration. Additional analyses with Snyder’s Self-Monitoring Scale’s factor subscales suggested that Extraversion may be more useful than the full scale.

General interests: