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California State University, Long Beach
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Jennifer Lonergan-Garwick, MA, PhD

Current city of residence:

E-mail address:


LinkedIn Profile       

Organization for which I currently work:
      Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. 
Job title:
     Sr. Strategic Research Consultant 

Past employers:

Research/IO interests:
          How personality and task type interact to predict team performance
          Identification of ideal team members via employment selection tools
          Training methods for team members (e.g., team building)

     Diversity in the Workplace
          Impact of surface-level (age, gender, race) and deep-level
               (employee attitudes) diversity on various organizational
               outcomes (satisfaction, turnover, financials)
      Impact of employee versus management diversity on various outcomes
           Impact of diversity at the store-level versus department level
           Perceptions of affirmative action (AA) and social identification
                (e.g., will African-American women identify more strongly with
                women or African-Americans if targeted in an AA policy?)

     Applicant Reactions to Selection Tests
          How test anxiety and/or attitudes impact performance and future perceptions
          Racial subgroup differences in test attitudes and performance

     Stereotype Threat
          How presence of in-group members (women, racial minority group, etc.)
          influences stereotype threat and its effects on performance
     How to reduce stereotype threat in employment application situations 

     Job Enrichment/Work Process Redesign
          How job enrichment impacts on various organizational outcomes
          Impact of transformational leadership on job enrichment-org
               commitment relationship

          How to identify, measure and prevent procrastination in the workplace

Highest degree obtained :
     PhD, Northern Illinois University

Thesis title:
     Locus of Control as Moderator of the Relationship  
     Between Job Characteristics and Procrastination    

     at Work

Disertation title:
     Development of a Model of Applicant Reactions to  
     Cognitive Ability Tests: Shedding Light on Racial  
     Subgroup Test Score Differences

General interests: