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California State University, Long Beach
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John Dourigan, MA

Current city of residence:

E-mail address:   


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Organization for which I currently work:
     United Health Group – Prescription Solutions
Job title:
     Sr. Project Manager

Past employers:
     Option One Mortgage Corporation
          Consultant – Project Management

Research/IO interests:

Undergraduate education:

Thesis title and abstract:
The Effects of Organizational Change on Professionals’ and Organizationals’ Resistance to Work Change,
Organizational Loss and Commitment Levels
     Eighty-nine full-time employees (29 males and 60 females) of a large public university were surveyed.  They were asked to respond to a questionnaire composed of several measures.  These measures were: Demographics, Trumbo’s Attitude Toward Work scale, Miller and Wagner’s Professional-Organizational Orientation scale, The Dourigan Organizational Loss scale, and the Eisenberger, Huntington, Hutchison, Sowa Survey of Perceived Organizational Support.  A series of t tests was performed.
     The results did not support the hypotheses: (a) that Organizationals were more resistant to work related change than Professionals; (b) that Organizationals would report more of a sense of Loss than Professionals; and (c) that Organizationals would report a lower level of Perceived Organizational Support than Professionals.  Additional analyses related to gender and position held in the organization did show significant differences in regard to Continuance Commitment and Resistance to Work Change.  Reliability and divergent validity were demonstrated with this researcher’s scale of Organizational Loss.

General interests: