Melanie Jordan, MA


Melanie Jordan
August 1999


Applicant Reactions to Biodata Item Types


This study investigates biodata tests at the item level in order to assess applicant reactions to various biodata item types.  Biodata tests have been shown to exhibit relatively high predictive validity which makes them attractive from the viewpoint of the organization.  However, some companies avoid using this type of test due to negative reactions from applicants.  These negative reactions can influence organizational outcomes such as the applicant’s willingness to accept a job offer, recommendation of the company to others, or perceptions of the organization as a whole.  Studies have shown that applicant’s perceptions of invasiveness, concreteness, susceptibility to socially desirable responding, and procedural justice of a selection test are related to ratings of likability of the test.  These variables are assessed with regard to types of biodata questions in order to investigate which item types are viewed more favorably.