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California State University, Long Beach
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Laura Spaulding, MA

May 1994

Compatibility of Knowledge Acquisition Techniques with Domain Structure Levels

    Two knowledge elicitation techniques were studied by having professors generate material in their area of expertise.  The sequence method emphasized the sequential steps of the domain structure and the survey method emphasized organizing the information according to the relationships between ideas.  The material included a demonstration or experiment and the corresponding theory.
    Student novices (N = 76) were tested on the information with verbatim and inference questions.  It was predicted that the knowledge elicitation technique, knowledge structure and test question would interact to influence the accuracy scores.  When knowledge elicitation technique and knowledge structure were compatible, novices were expected to perform the best.
    Interactions between knowledge elicitation structure and question structure and between knowledge elicitation structure and domain structure provide evidence that to optimize the capture of expertise, the knowledge elicitation structure, the domain structure and how it is being tested must all be considered.