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California State University, Long Beach
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Lisa Holden, MS

Current city of residence:

E-mail address:    


LinkedIn Profile   

Organization for which I currently work:
     The Space Company
          Bakersfield, CA
Job title:
     People Manager  

Past employers:
          Divisional Director, Human Resources
     TNR Sports
     Private consulting
          Team building
     WellPoint, Inc. – Blue Cross of California
          Director of Human Resources
          Organizational Development & Training Manager
     TBA Entertainment Corporation
          Director of Human Resources
     Southern California Gas Company – The Gas Company
          Human Resources Advisor
          Management Development Manager
          Personnel Research Supervisor

Research/IO interests:
     Organizational Development
     Process Improvement & Reengineering
     Management and Leadership Development & Coaching
     Team Building
     Professional Skills Training
     Change Management
     Culture Change
     Values Integration
     Employee Satisfaction Survey 
     360-Degree Feedback 
     Selection Testing and Assessment 

Undergraduate education:

Thesis title and abstract:
The Effectiveness of Training in Improving Employment Test Scores
     This study examined whether brief training sessions could improve scores received on pre-employment selection tests, clarified what training content was most effective in improving test scores, and investigated whether initial skill level impacted score gain. The behaviorally-based training consisted of short modules covering either proper strategies for taking standardized tests, a brush-up on basic arithmetic calculations (one aptitude measured by the test battery), or both. Pre- and post-tests were identical, consisting of a four-test battery previously validated for selecting clerical applicants. Volunteers were randomly assigned to either a treatment or control group.
     The math brush-up significantly improved scores on the math test, resulting in improved overall battery scores. Subjects receiving both modules also performed somewhat better, while participants in test taking training did not improve.
     Both practically and statistically, more subjects receiving math brush-up training passed the overall battery upon retesting, qualifying them for clerical positions with the sponsor company.

General interests: