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California State University, Long Beach
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Contact Dan Chiappe (, the computer lab coordinator, for classroom accounts, passwords, and alarm system information.


You should first fill out the key request form to the Psychology Department Office and then pick up the key from the facility department. Instructors can also request a key for their GAs: Instructors should sign the key request form.


Alarm Code and Operation

Please contact the computer lab coordinator for the alarm code. Both room 300 and 304 should be locked when not in use, and the alarm in room 300 should activated. Follow these rules in setting the alarm:

First, check whether there is a class on the other side of the lab. Make sure an instructor or GA’s presence in the lab. (If there are only students, ask them to leave even though they came in for the next class.) Then, turn off the lights on your side and lock the door. DO NOT set the alarm.

Second, if there is no class on the other side, turn off all the lights and lock the door. Set the alarm. DO NOT just lock the door assuming that there will be a next class. That class can be cancelled without your knowledge.


Important Facts to Remember

  • Strictly enforce the “no food/drink/chewing gum” policy.
  • Erase white boards at the end of your class. Also do not take any white board markers with you.
  • Recycle scratch papers.
  • Printers should be turned off at the end of each class.
  • All the monitors and CPUs in the lab should be turned off at the end of each day – check the schedule published on the web (go to /colleges/cla/departments/psychology/ and click facilities-> newman computer lab) to find out whether you are the last user of the lab.
  • For supplies, e-mail to the computer lab coordinator (
  • Report any problems to Cla-Tech via e-mail (and/or phone) at, x5-4572. Make sure to copy the e-mail to Dan Chiappe ( If any computers are not working, you have to report the computer numbers that are written on top of the monitors.

I. How to Log on When You Don’t Need to Use a Printer

If you don’t need to use the printer, then simply turn on the computers.

II. How to Log on When You Need to Use a Printer

a) Instructor’s Workstation: Turn on the computer.

b) Instructor share drive Access – Instructors can save files to the share drive. Files on the share drive are accessible from all workstations in the lab. Students get the files from the share drive within an application.

c) Students Accounts – Instructors should obtain account numbers for the entire class and the initial password from the computer lab coordinator and assign these numbers to students. Each student must receive a different account number. These numbers will be their own log-in account names. When students log on for the first time using their own accounts, they have to enter their own passwords (see below for the procedures). Once they set their passwords, they have to log on using their own accounts and passwords. Students can log on from any computer, but cannot be logged on to more than one computer simultaneously.

These accounts will be active Monday through Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. If the instructor plans to hold class during times other than this, and wants the students to be able to print, notify the lab coordinator who will contact CLA-Technical Services so that an adjustment can be made. CLA-technical Services will need one week advanced notice.

Students should restart the computer when finished for the day in order to log off their print account . If the student fails to restart the computer they will not be logged off his/her print account and anyone using that computer will have access to this print account. Each print account has a limited number of pages to be printed.

d) How to use a printer: How to Create a New Account and Password to use a printer

In order to print, students have to first establish their own account names and passwords. After this, students can log on using their own accounts and passwords. Students don’t need to choose a printer: Printing jobs will be sent to the printer of the room where students are in.

Step 1. Turn the computer on and let it boot into the system. Once the system has booted, the screen display will look like the following:

Logon Picture One

Step 2. Press and hold down the shift key on the keyboard. (Note: Computers were automatically logged on for users who don’t need a printer. Thus, you first have to log off to set their accounts and passwords. Steps 2-4 are needed to log off.)

Logon Picture Two

Step 3. As you continue to press and hold down the shift key, left mouse click “Start” and click “Log off.” (note: If you do not hold down the shift key, the following screen will not be displayed.)

Logon Picture Three

Step 4. As you continue to press and hold down the shift key, left mouse click “Log off.”

Logon Picture Four

Step 5. Once you see windows prompt you to press ctrl+alt+del, you can stop pressing down the shift key. Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete Keys as Windows requests.

Logon Picture Five

Step 6. Enter your username (i.e., the account number given by the instructor) and password (the initial password given by the instructor); Make sure the Domain is set to LOCAL; Click OK.

Logon Picture Six

Step 7. If this is the first time logging in with your account, you’ll get the following message (or similar). Click “Yes” or “OK.”

Logon Picture Seven

Step 8. Enter your password: The password MUST be at least six digits in length. Confirm your password.

Logon Picture Eight

Step 9. The Network Print Connector will run and will connect the printer to the computer. It usually takes 15-60 seconds to connect to the printer depending on network traffic.

Logon Picture Nine

Step 10. You’re done. Use the computer and printer as needed. Remember to click on “Start”->”Logoff” to logoff your print account from the computer.

e) How to Log Off the Personal Account and Password:
Go to Start and Log off.


Overhead Projector

Turning on projector:

i) Pull out the overhead projector module mounted below the instructor’s desk.
Projector Module Front View

ii) Press the projector “on” button and the button below computer1. The green “warm  up” light indicates that the projector is warming up. When done, the “ready” light as shown in the photo will be on. In most cases, if you press the projector “on” button, the computer 1 box will be turned on automatically. Rarely another box (e.g., laptop) will be turned on: This happens if the previous person used equipment (e.g., laptop) other than the instructor’s computer. In this case, turn off the projector and start over after 30 seconds.

Turning off projector: Press the project “off” button.

Connecting a laptop computer:
Projector Module Side View

This is the side view of the projector module.

Scratch Folder
Students can write to the D: drive, to their floppy diskettes, or to their USB drives. All other directories are locked out. The D: drive will be regularly erased. On the faculty workstation, all folders and files are accessible.

Available Software
Room 300 is equipped with one instructor workstation, one projector, and 27 student workstations. [The computer named psy300_pc05 is a special workstation for a disabled student. Special programs are available for this workstation. Contact CLA Tech Services (x5-4572) for additional request.]
Room 304 is equipped with one instructor workstation, one projector, and 38 student workstation.
Student Workstation has: Windows XP, Microsoft Office, SPSS, SAS, Visual Basic, Netscape, Explorer and other specific programs requested by individual instructors (see below).
Instructor Workstation has: All the software above plus Projection Panel and Overhead Projector.

Installing software or files
You cannot install software on the student workstations because the security software prevents access to the hard drives and computer registers. If you need to put software or files on the student workstations, contact CLA Tech Services (5-4572). If you want to install an application, you must show CLA Tech Services a license for each workstation. You can install software on the instructor’s workstation or you can ask CLA Tech Services.


Some common problems and their solutions (I hope!). If you need to report a malfunction, call CLA Tech Services (54572). There is a phone in Room 304.

  • Printer not turned on before someone tries to print: If students try to print when the printer is off, they may not get output for several minutes. However, if a student is not getting the printout, and Print Manager shows jobs waiting, have another student print. This usually clears the print queue.  Be sure the printer is turned on at the beginning of class!
  • Students can’t log on with a new account. Give the student another account number (I will give everyone extra accounts).
  • Computers will not turn off: Hold the power button down until it turns off – It may take 10 seconds or longer.
  • If printer prints many old jobs that were not requested by any of your students in class: This is a SERIOUS problem and needs to be corrected right away. Follow this procedure to delete all the previous jobs. This procedure is also posted in front of each computer in the lab.
  1. Log on with the instructor account.
  2. Click on “Start”
  3. Click on “Printers and Faxes”
  4. Click on the printer you want to manage the queue on.
  5. Click on the print job(s) you want to delete.
  6. Hit the delete key on the keyboard.
  7. Click “yes” or “ok” to any message that asks if you are sure you want to delete the print job(s).