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About the Psychology Resource Office (PSY 206)

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Welcome! When visiting the Psychology Resource Office in PSY 206 we want you to know all about all the resources are that are available to you. We want to help with all your psychology needs. Make sure to visit often and use all our helpful resources such as our information on applying for jobs and graduate school.

When you visit be aware that the PRO Guides do ask students to leave their backpacks and purses securely locked up in the provided lockers. This is to prevent the loss of our office resources, which can happen inadvertently (or intentionally) when items are carried out of the GRR, SRR, or CRR. The Psychology Resource Office is not a library and student cannot borrow or check out resources. There is NOT a printer or copier in the Psychology Resource Office. To print anything you will need to visit the Horn Center or Library.

Students that visit the Psychology Resource Office will be given priority over those that call on the phone. If you are calling the Psychology Resource Office during open hours the PRO Guides will not answer if the office is busy. PRO Guides do NOT do academic advising and will NOT recommend instructor to take for courses. They can help you figure out where to go for help with any questions you may have, help you get the most out of your undergraduate experience through our departmental resources, and help you with planning your future. Please be polite and respectful when visiting the Guides. They volunteer to be Guides and serve you for one year of their time at CSULB to help you.

We want to hear from you, every time you visit please make sure to fill out an evaluation form! The evaluation forms about the services provided by PRO should be placed in a locked box on the counter next to the main entry door. Pick up a form from your Guide after your session or grab one in the lobby. Thank you!

More about our office resources:

Graduate Resource Room (GRR)

Resources available to students:

  • Graduate school in psychology books and directories
  • Binders of graduate school program information
  • Research opportunities
  • GRE information
  • Books on general graduate school information and programs in other areas

Career Resource Room (CRR)

Resources available to students:

  • Careers in psychology books and directories
  • Binders of career information
  • Information on conducting job searches, creating resumes, and interviewing for jobs
  • Books on finding careers that interest you
  • Internship, job, and volunteer information postings

Student Resource Room (SRR)

Virtual Tour

Resources available to students:

  • PSY 301 Information and office hours
  • PSY 301 Blackbox
  • Computers*
  • Scholarship and financial aid Information
  • Course syllabi for all psychology courses (check this out before choosing your courses! Info on the structure of the course according to the instructor can be helpful when registering for the next semester)
  • Information on other campus resources

Main Lobby and Guide Offices

Resources available to students:

  • Information on declaring the psychology major and minor
  • Handouts
  • Videos
  • Updated information on upcoming psychology department events
  • Student Organization information (PSA & Psi Chi)
  • Psychology professional organizations’ information (APA and APS)
  • Information on CSULB policies and procedures
  • Faculty office hours (updated each semester)

Come visit us in the Psychology Resource Office – PSY 206!

*Computer policy – students may use the computers during open hours, please use mainly for academic uses and Psy 301 consulting. Please also limit the amount of time spent on computers if other students are waiting.