Study Abroad Opportunities

Why Study Abroad?

Students Studying Abroad

  • Students who study abroad say it was the most important experience of their college career.
  • Employers value Study Abroad experience, and students who Study Abroad are twice as likely to be hired upon graduation.
  • Studying abroad is less expensive than taking a summer class and then travelling on your own, and you can use Financial Aid to pay for the program.
  • Studying abroad enhances your learning of course material while learning about another culture.
  • You develop close relationships with fellow Study Abroad participants and the professor (who can then serve as an excellent reference for jobs and graduate school)
  • Learn more about studying abroad

Students Studying AbroadStudy Abroad Programs for Summer 2020:

  1. Abnormal Psychology, Germany: 5 week program in Bonn, Germany with fieldtrips to Amsterdam & Berlin
  2. Social Psychology, England:  4 week program at Oxford University with fieldtrips to London & Belfast

How to Apply:

  • Program-specific applications may be completed on the CSULB Study Abroad Portal
  • Complete both the Applicant Information and Questionnaire portion of the application
  • Accepted students will be notified by the instructor leading the trip

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