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California State University, Long Beach
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Psychology Master’s Theses Abstracts
MS – Human Factors

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(beginning 2007)

Summer 2014

Hayrapetian, Michael
Icons in Motion are not Inherently Distracting
(not yet published)

Spring 2014

Billinghurst, Sabrina 
Touch Screen Gestures 

Nguyen, Jimmy
Pilot Performance with Multi-View Displays and Crew Data-Comm Methods under Trajectory Based Operations
(not yet published)

Ziccardi, Jason 
A Comparison of Probe Techniques for Assessing Situation Awareness Across Levels of Automation

Winter 2014

Monk, Kevin
Effects of Distractors and Force Feedback on an Aimed Movement Task in a CDTI Environment

Fall 2014

Easwara Moorthy, Aarthi
Voice Activated Personal Assistant: Privacy Concerns in the Public Space

Summer 2013

Higham, Tiana-Lynn 
Training Trust in Automation within a Nextgen Environment

Lee, Samuel
Control-Display Alignment Modulates Dimensional Salience 

Stal, Mikhail
Why are Overheard Cell Phone Conversation Distracting? 

Winter 2013

Herron, Meghann 
Prescription Labels: Do You Know What Medication You Are Taking?

Morgan, Corey
An Investigation into the Potential Sources of Interference in Situation Awareness Probe Techniques

Rorie, R Conrad
An Investigation Into the Effects of Force Feedback and Movement Direction on an Aimed Movement Task

Fall 2012

Hills, Martina
The Effectiveness of Password Restrictions and Mnemonics on Memory of Older Adults 

Summer 2012

Kraft, Jerome
Population Stereotypes and Three-Dimensional Rotational Tasks 

Spring 2012

Kiken, Ariana
Effectiveness of Training Methods on Near-Term NextGen Air Traffic control Performance, Workload, and Situation Awareness

Fall 2011

Bacon, Lauren P.
Measuring Situation Awareness: Can the Presentation of an Online Probe Question Change an Operator’s Situation Awareness?

Kraut, Joshua
Effects of Data Communications Failure on Air Traffic Controller Sector Management Effectiveness, Situation Awareness, and Workload

Summer 2011

Chambers, Vanessa
Auditory Spatial Facilitation: Effects of Cue Reliability and Amplitude Variation on Visual Search Performance

Kenyon, Lisa J.
Effects of Positive Mood Induction on Operator Performance and Subjective Workload Levels for Compatible and Incompatible Display-Control Mappings

Spring 2011

Minakata, Katsumi
Can a CrossModal-Accessory Stimulus Elicit the Top-Bottom Prevalence Effect?

Summer 2010

Bertolotti, Hugo
Audio and Audiovisual Cueing in Visual Search: Effects of Target Uncertainty and Auditory Cue Precision

Fall 2009

Sulaitis, John
Examining the Effects of an Animated Word-Tracer as a Reading Aid for Electronic Text

Spring 2009

Garcia, Fredrick
Effects of Practice with Foot- and Hand-Operated Secondary Input Devices on Word Processing Task Performance

McMath, Julie
A Comparison of Differences in the Hierarchal Placement of Radiographic Findings Among Different Health Care Specialists and an Analysis of the Effects on Proper Case Management and Referral Decisions

Nelson, Deborah
Use of Image-based Mnemonic Techniques to Enhance the Memorability of User-Generated Passwords

Wiebe, Jeff
Application of Population Stereotypes to Computerized Tasks

Spring 2007

Dion, Marshall E.
Effects of Contrast Polarity Between Background and Foreground in Air Traffic Control Displays For Time-To-Contact Judgments