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In a spirit of continued collaboration,
Contemporary French & Francophone Studies /SITES opens its pages to colleagues presenting papers at the International Colloquium in 20th and 21st-Century French Studies.  All participants of the 2012 colloquium are invited to submit their papers. Authors of accepted essays must become subscribers to a full volume of CF&FS. They will receive 2 colloquium issues + 3 additional issues) at a 25% discount.

Volume 17:4 and 17:5, 2013

Published by Routledge  

Crossings, Frictions, Fusions/Traversées, Frictions, Fusions
Fall/Winter 2013
Roger Célestin, Eliane DalMolin, editors. 
Laura Ceia, Aparna Nayak, guest co-editors.

Twentieth- and twenty-first century literatures around the globe are marked by movement, struggles and transformations, often postulated in terms of crossings of, or intersections between, concrete and imaginary borders, communities, ethnic and racial delimitations, languages, and genres. This publication aims to delineate such spaces of encounter, ephemeral or lasting, that lead to frictions, hyphenations, cross-pollinations or fragmentations. Possible topics: Border crossings; genre crossings in cinema and literature; transnational confluences: the intersection of French and Francophone literatures with other literatures; relationships between center and peripheries, etc.

Deadline for proposals - PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR CONFERENCE PAPER (interviews, essays, photos, fiction and poetry): September 30, 2012. 
Decisions: October 30, 2012. 
Deadline for completed texts: April 1, 2013.  

Articles must be formatted and submitted in conformity with the standard instructions to contributors to CF&FS Sites: MLA style. Authors are responsible for any copyrights related to their article/illustrations. No illustrations can be printed without copyrights. Length of final essay for this issue must not exceed 3500 words (about 10 journal pages).

Inquiries, proposals and completed texts should be submitted to CFFS: as well as
In your emails, please specify the subject:  Crossings/Traversées