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Maid of the Wild


Movie advert with photo of Baby Marie and Marguerite Nichols

Baby Marie appeared for the first time in this movie, seen as the little boy, bottom right corner in the sailor suit, though her name did not show in the credits. Ankerich explains in Broken Silence (p. 225) that prior to her first film Baby Marie often accompanied her parents who both worked at Balboa, and Marie was unexpectedly asked to play a little boy because no boy was available the moment production was scheduled to begin. Marie told Ankerich, "I had a Dutch bob, and when they put little boy’s clothes on me, I was the little boy they needed." Baby Marie’s career was launched with this film.

Marguerite Nichols who starred in Maid of the WildMarguerite Nichols and Gordon Sackville

Marguerite Nichols, future wife of Hal Roach, made 21 movies at Balboa; at right with Gordon Sackville.

Nichols, Marguerite (Margaret) (aka Marguerite Roach; b. 1895; d. Los Angeles CA, 17 March 1941)


Alternate Title

No. of Reels

Release Date

Quality of Forgiveness (The) Light in a Woman’s Eyes (The) 3 05 April 1915  
Beulah   6 08 May 1915
Who Pays? Episode 7: "Blue Blood and Yellow"   3 29 May 1915
Who Pays? Episode 9: "For the Commonwealth"   3 12 June 1915
Straws in the Wind   3 10 July 1915
Maid of the Wild    3 13 Sept. 1915
Counsel for the Defense   3 18 Oct. 1915
Rose Among the Briars (A)   3 09 Dec. 1915
Big Brother    3 11 Feb. 1916
Who Knows?   3 25 Feb. 1916
Witch of the Mountains   3 24 March 1916
Matrimonial Martyr (The) Message From Reno (A)  5 19 April 1916
When Might is Right    3 21 April 1916
Little Mary Sunshine Once Upon a Time 5 03 May 1916
Oath of Hate The Oath of Red Hate 3 05 May 1916
Old Man’s Folly (An)  Dear Old Dad 3 16 June 1916
Pay Dirt The Strugglers 5 18 June 1916
Faith’s Reward   3 25 Aug. 1916
Power of Evil (The)    5 01 Oct. 1916
Jess of the Hill Country Heart of the Hill 2 03 Nov. 1916
Sold at Auction Birds of Prey 5 11 Feb. 1917

Another still from Maid of the Wild with unidentified actors