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Should a Wife Forgive?

Five reel drama. Copyright Oct. 29, 1915, Equitable Motion Pictures Corporation, LU6883. Distributor: Equitable Motion Pictures Corp., released Nov. 8, 1915, by World Film Corp. Producer: H. M. Horkheimer and Elwood D. Horkheimer. Scenario: Joseph E. Howard. Cast: Lillian Lorraine (La Belle Rose), Mabel Van Buren (Mary Holmes), Henry King (Jack Holmes), Lewis Cody (Alfred Bedford), William Lampe (Dr. Charles Hoffman), Mollie McConnell (Mrs. Forrester), Fred Whitman (Reggy Stratford), Daniel Gilfether (Henry Wilson), Baby Marie Osborne (Robert Holmes).

Commentary:  The film was previously titled The Lady of Perfume.

Summary:  As The American Film Institute Catalog explains:

Jack Holmes and his former schoolmate, Alfred Bedford, visit a dance hall where Bedford’s sweetheart, La Belle Rose, works. A strong attraction develops between Jack and Rose, and before long Jack is neglecting his devoted wife, Mary, to spend time with the seductive entertainer. Despondent over her husband’s waning affections, Mary takes her mother to the theater where she spies Jack with Rose. 

Pretending to be a newspaper reporter, Mary gains entrance into Rose’s apartment, answers her telephone and hears Jack’s voice on the other end, thus confirming all her suspicions. Devastated by the truth of Jack’s marital status, Rose decides to kill herself and tries to goad Jack into a suicide pact. At this moment Bedford, who has been hiding in the room, reveals himself, pistol in hand and confronts Jack. Rose is shot in the ensuing tussle, but both men escape arrest. Begging for forgiveness, Jack returns home, but is sent away by Mary to ponder his sins alone. (832)

Review Variety thought little of the film, but felt that Lillian Lorraine showed some stunning clothes. However, some of them looked familiar, which meant that the Horkheimer Brothers had used them in other films. Henry King, who played the married man, was a capable actor but not the sort with whom a Lillian Lorraine type of girl would fall in love.  Lewis Cody, Variety felt, did clever work and Mabel Van Buren as the wife did a good job of looking sad (Nov. 5, 1915, p. 22).

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