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Sabrina Alimahomed, Associate Professor
Email: Sabrina.Alimahomed@csulb.edu
Office: PSY 134 Phone: (562) 985-7892

Main Teaching/Research Areas: Race, gender, class, and sexuality; race and racism; Islamophobia and anti-Muslim racism; War on Terror; security and surveillance; transnational feminisms; women of color feminisms

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CSULB since 2010.

Image of Nielan Barnes

Nielan Barnes, Associate Professor
Email: Nielan.Barnes@csulb.edu
Office: PSY-141 Phone: (562) 985–4608

Main Teaching Areas: Principles of Sociology, Medical Sociology, Health & Medicine in Latin America, Qualitative Methods & Community-Based Research

Main Research Interests: Non-profit sector and organizations; Sociology of Health and Medicine; Transnational Social Movements; Gender and Sexuality; Sociology of AIDS; Globalization, Social Inequality and Health.

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CSULB since 2005.

Image of Carole Campbell

Carole Campbell, Professor
Email: carole.campbell@csulb.edu
Office: PSY-128 Phone: (562) 985–4617

Main Teaching Areas: AIDS, Social Problems, Sexuality

Main Research Interests: AIDS, gender roles, and sexuality; AIDS and family policies.

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CSULB since 1986.

Image of Michael Chavez

Michael Chavez, Assistant Professor
Email: michael.chavez@csulb.edu
Office: PSY-129
Phone: (562) 985–4610

Main Teaching Areas: Youth, Social Problems.

CSULB since 2014.

Image of Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis, Professor
Email: Jeffrey.Davis@csulb.edu
Office: PSY-137 Phone: (562) 985–4601

Main Teaching Areas: Social Psychology, Mental Health, Social Stratification

Education & Research Interests: B.A., North Carolina Central University, 1987; Ph.D., North Carolina State University, 1997.

Ethnic minority mental health; Occupational conditions and mental health; Social psychology of ethnic conflict.

CSULB since 1997.

Image of Shelley Eriksen

Shelley Eriksen, Professor
Email: Shelley.Eriksen@csulb.edu
Office: LA3-103C
Phone: (562) 985-2124

Main Research/Teaching Areas: Gender, race & class; families; health & medicine; sociology of the body; research methods; violence studies & prevention.

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Image of J. William Gibson

J. William Gibson, Professor
Email: jwgibson@csulb.edu
Office: PSY-136
Phone: (562) 985–4606

Main Teaching Areas: Contemporary Theory, Qualitative Methods, Sociology of the Environment

Education & Research Interests: B.A., University of Texas at Austin, 1973; Ph.D., Yale University, 1985. 

Cultural sociology; Political and military sociology; Sociology of the environment.

CSULB since 1990.

Image of Jan Haldipur

Jan Haldipur, Assistant Professor
Email: jan.haldipur@csulb.edu
Office: PSY-139
Phone: (562) 985–5711

Main Teaching Areas: Urban Sociology; Crime, Law, and Deviance; Race and Ethnic Relations; Qualitative Methods

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CSULB since 2015.

Image of Claudia Lopez

Claudia Lopez, Assistant Professor
Email: claudia.lopez2@csulb.edu
Office: PSY-127
Phone: (562) 985–1168

Main Research Interests: Global migration, displacement, citizenship, gender, race, class, critical urban studies, collective memory, social movements, Latin America.

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CSULB since 2017.

Image of Nancy Martin

Nancy Martin, Assistant Professor
Email: Nancy.Martin@csulb.edu
Office: PSY-135
Phone: (562) 985–1397

Main Teaching Areas: Principles of Sociology, Statistics, Sociology of Religion

Education & Research Interests: B.S. Engineering, Cornell University, 1986; M.A. Sociology, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2000; Ph.D. Sociology, University of Arizona, 2007. 

Sociology of Gender; Sociology of Religion; Social Movements.

CSULB since 2007.

Shae Miller, Assistant Professor
Email: shae.miller@csulb.edu
Office: PSY-122
Phone: (562) 985–2092

Main Teaching/Research Areas: social movements; race, class, gender and sexuality; transgender and queer theory; identity theory; qualitative research methods.

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CSULB since 2018.


Chantrey J. Murphy, Assistant Professor
Email: chantrey.murphy@csulb.edu
Office: PSY-126
Phone: (562) 985–5650

Main Teaching/Research Areas: Social Psychology, Quantitative Research Methods, Group Processes; Self & Identity; Experimental Methods; Theory Development; Incarcerated Populations.

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CSULB since 2016.

Leakhena Nou, Professor
Email: leakhena.nou@csulb.edu
Office: PSY-143
Phone: (562) 985–7439

Main Teaching Areas: Medical Sociology, Sociology of Human Rights & Social Justice, Social Psychology, Child Abuse & Prevention, Sociology of Southeast Asian Health, Global Health, Sociology of Women

Main Research Areas: Firmly committed to applied research and activism, Dr. Nou’s primary research interests include the epidemiology of social stress and health or illness; political sociology; sociology of women; and human rights and humanitarian, transitional, and international justice. Of particular interest are issues of health, mental health, and the long-term impacts of stress and trauma on adult Cambodian refugees and the first post-Khmer Rouge generation of Cambodians.

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CSULB since 2005.

Steven Osuna, Assistant Professor
Email: steven.osuna@csulb.edu
Office: PSY-137
Phone: (562) 985–4604

Main Research/Teaching Areas: Racial and class formation; transnationalism, globalization and immigration; policing, militarization, and criminalization; social theory; political economy; cultural studies.

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CSULB since 2015.


Image of Varisa Patraporn

Varisa Patraporn, Assistant Professor
Email: varisa.patraporn@csulb.edu
Office: PSY-138
Phone: (562) 985–4607

Main Research/Teaching Areas: Race/Ethnicity, Immigration and Community Economic Development, Quantitative Methodologies.

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CSULB since 2012.


Esa Syeed, Assistant Professor
Email: esa.syeed@csulb.edu
Office: PSY-125
Phone: (562) 985–5690

Main Research/Teaching Areas: Urban education, social movements, qualitative methods, race/ethnicity.

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CSULB since 2016.

Oliver Wang, Professor
Email: oliver.wang@csulb.edu
Office: PSY-140
Phone: (562) 985–4600

Main Research/Teaching Areas: Race/ethnicity, popular culture, social problems.

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CSULB since 2006. 

jake headshot

Jake Wilson, Professor
Email: Jake.Wilson@csulb.edu
Office: PSY-132
Phone: (562) 985–7379

Main Research/Teaching Areas: Race, Racism, and Labor; Logistics; Labor Movements; Racialized Divisions in the Working Class; Global Workers’ Struggles; Unions; Whiteness and Masculinities.

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CSULB since 2008.

Image of Kerry Woodward

Kerry Woodward, Associate Professor
Email: Kerry.Woodward@csulb.edu
Office: PSY-142
Phone: (562) 985-4236

Main Teaching Areas: Classical Theory, Poverty and Public Policy, Sociology Honors Program.

Main Research Areas: Poverty and welfare reform; child welfare and the foster care system; social inequality, particularly the intersections of race, class, and gender; social justice; theory.

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CSULB since 2009.

Image of Kristine Zentgraf

Kristine Zentgraf, Professor (Department Chair)
Email: kris.zentgraf@csulb.edu
Office: PSY-133
Phone: (562) 985–1689

Main Teaching Areas: Classic Theory, Social Stratification

Main Research Areas: Poverty; Stratification; Race and Ethnicity; Economic Restructuring.

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CSULB since 1995.

Image of Norma Chinchilla 

Norma Chinchilla, Professor Emeritus
Email: Norma.Chinchilla@csulb.edu
Office: PSY-131
Phone: (562) 985–4760

Main Teaching Areas: Social Change, Social Stratification, Gender in Global Perspective ,International Social Conflict

Main Research Interests: Women and social movements in Latin America; Central American immigration; Global cities: the case of Los Angeles.

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CSULB since 1982.