Sociology Faculty Post-Presidential Election Statement of Solidarity (11/11/16)

After a presidential campaign marked by harsh anti-immigrant rhetoric, racism, and sexism the election results will undoubtedly evoke a range of emotions across our diverse student body from confusion, to shocked disbelief, to anger.  We, the Sociology faculty, write to let you know that our sorrow is deep for those who are the most vulnerable and afraid. We stand in solidarity with you, your families and our communities 

While nobody can predict what is coming next, there will be challenges. We stand ready to use our resources to defend all targeted communities: immigrants, women, Muslims, LGBTQ, black and brown lives, the poor, refugees and people of differing abilities. We affirm the possibilities for action and change that exist even when things seem the toughest. We will do everything we can to help maintain a supportive and respectful campus especially during these challenging political times. 

Now more than ever before, we must draw upon the strength, resilience, and inspiration of all people who have fought to achieve equal rights.  By coming together with energy and commitment we will rise to the challenges that come our way. 

In peace and solidarity,  

Sociology Faculty