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The Dick Soderlund “Against All Odds” Scholarship

Applications for the Dick Soderlund “Against All Odds” Scholarship are due to the Sociology Department by (Thursday) April 6, 2017, by 3:30 PM.

The Dick Soderlund ‘Against All Odds’ Scholarship is an annual scholarship award for undergraduate Sociology majors at California State University, Long Beach who have faced, and overcame, tremendous obstacles in their lives. This scholarship helps students who need it the most: those who battle against the odds. The Dick Soderlund ‘Against All Odds’ Scholarship was founded in memory of Dick Soderlund, the uncle of Sociology faculty member, Dr. Jake Wilson.

The funding for this scholarship has come from generous donations from people who were touched by the amazing life of Dick, especially his family, friends, and colleagues. Dick stood for what was right, not for what was easy. He was always there to help anyone and everyone whether it was with advice or a shoulder. Dick generously gave of himself without hesitation, especially to those who were most vulnerable, such as the elderly. Dick’s life definitely made a difference to all lucky enough to have known him. Dick exuded generosity and made it a habit to share his time, talent, and treasure with those around him. Dick’s wife of 44 years, Lin Soderlund, serves on the scholarship selection board.

The Dick Soderlund ‘Against All Odds’ Scholarship seeks to reflect Dick’s lived values.

Award amount: $3,500 (two available)

Eligible applicants: Sociology students with significant financial need and/or who have overcome major obstacles in pursuing their college degree.

Requirements: Undergraduate Sociology majors (sophomore, junior, or returning seniors); must demonstrate financial need.

For more information, contact: Dr. Jake Wilson


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