How to Apply

How to Apply

We are no longer accepting applications for Summer 2019. Please check back in February for Summer 2020.

What are the requirements to apply?

Interested Applicants must meet all of the requirements below to be considered. They must:

  1. Be a female student.
  2. Be entering 8th grade in the upcoming fall semester.
  3. Be accompanied by an adult, female family member or guardian who will serve as the students’ advocate for engineering and science during and after the completion of the program.
  4. Be performing at grade-level or higher in mathematics.
  5. Have a GPA of 3.70 or higher.
  6. Be recommended by a school counselor or teacher.
  7. Demonstrate willingness to reside on campus for the weekend along with an adult female family member/guardian who will also fully participate in the program.
  8. Be able to supply a non-refundable materials fee of $150 if accepted into the program.

How do I apply to the program?

If an applicant meets all of the requirements listed above, they are welcome to apply to the program.

To apply, send in your EGI Intern Application in a single envelope by TBA to:


Dr. Kim Vu

Department of Psychology, CSULB

1250 Bellflower Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90840

RE: Engineering Girls Internship Program