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California State University, Long Beach
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SPRING 2016 Scholarly Intersections Awards

  1. Lecture by Dr. Anne Hudson Jones on Medical Humanities

Faculty Sponsors:

Carl Fisher, (CWLS) Karen Quintiliani, (ANTH) Deborah Thien, (GEOG/Honors) Brett Mizelle, (HIST/AMST)

Total Funded: $1000


  1. Restoring the Past: Asian American Community-based Historical Preservation

Faculty Sponsors:

Barbara Kim (AAAS),  Larry Hashima (AMST)

Event 1: screening of The Manzanar Fishing Club

Event 2: panel presentation with three representatives from southern California-based community organizations: Nancy Oda, Mary Urashima, and Eugene Moy

Total Funded: $1000


  1. Indigenous Cultural Sustainability Series

Faculty Sponsors:

  • Cindi Alvitre, American Indian Studies/Anthropology (CLA), Paul Laris, Chair of the Geography Department (CLA), Jerry Mosher,  Film and Electronic Arts Department (CA,) Larry Smith, American Indian Studies/Film and Electronic Arts (CLA/CA), Craig Stone, American Indian Studies Program Director (CLA), Karen Quintiliani, Chair of Anthropology Department (CLA) Deborah Thein, Geography and Interim Director of the University Honors Program (CLA), The CSULB Green Sustainability Task Force, FEA

Total Funded: $450


  1. “Political Repression, the National Security State, and Collective Legal Resistance: A discussion with Kris Hermes, author of Crashing the Party”

Faculty Sponsors:

Gwen Shaffer (JOUR), Teresa Wright (POSC), Kristin Zentgraf, (SOC), Som Chounlamountry, (POSC)

 Total Funded: $800


  1. Marx in Soho

Performer Jerry Levy

Faculty Sponsors:

Ron Loewe (ANTH) Jose Moreno (CHLS) Craig Stone (AIS)

Total Funded: $450.00


  1. “Displaced Religion: Diaspora, Gender and Community”

Sponsoring Faculty

Sophia Pandya (RST) David Steward (RST) Jennifer Reed (WGSS) Peter Lowentrout (RST) Ali Igmen (HIST), Gabriel Estrada (RST)

Total Funded: $850.00


  1. Lecture by Tiffany A. Sippial on Changing Relations between US and Cuba

Dr. Ali Igmen, (HIST),  Dr. Bonnie Gasior (RGRLL),  Dr. Jennifer Reed, (WGSS)

Total Funded: $950


  1. Invited Lecture: Philip Partain, Foreign Policy Expert and CSULB Alumnus

Sponsoring faculty

Teresa Wright (POSC) David Shafer (HIST) Richard Marcus (IST) Ali Igmen (HIST)    Arlene Lazarowitz (HIST)

Yousef Baker (IST) Caitlin Fouratt (IST) Barbara Grossman-Thompson (IST) Kimberly Walters (IST)

Barry Steiner (POSC) Roger Morton (POSC) Larry George (POSC) Charles Mahoney (POSC) Larry Martinez (POSC)

Total funded: $1000


  1. Invited Lecture: Dr. Joseph Bristow, Professor of English at UCLA “Oscar Wilde on Trial: Literature, Sexuality, and the Law”

Sponsoring Faculty

Neil Hultgren (ENG)

Jennifer Reed, (WGSS)

Total funded: $500


!Active Shooter Response COLA FAC Feb 2016 final

Additional RESOURCES from UNIVERSITY POLICE on Active Shooter responses:



Position Description: Associate Dean for Enrollment Management

CLA Assoc Dean Position Description

Scholarly Intersections Awards – Fall 2015

Dahab, Amirkhan CWLC, PSY Borch-Jacobsen on Sigmund Freud 950
Baker, Igmen, Wilson, Osuna IST, HIST, SOC Issa: “Iraq Talks Back:Popular Movements in Iraq,” 1000
Donato, Mohr RGRLL (Graziadio) and ENG Paul Vangelisti: Assassins in Love, Poets as translators 500
Kar, Utley, Tarrant, Hanna, Flores WGSS, COMM, College of Ed Filmmaker Emily Lindin Consent, Sexual Shaming, Safety, and Choice: Intersectional Frameworks: Film Screening and Panel discussion. 1200
Amézcua, Loewe, Paquette, Garcia-Orozco RGRLL, ANTH, Art, CHLS Noemi Zepeda Ramirez. The Day of the Dead: An Interdisciplinary Approach to an Ancient Celebration: a theatrical presentation 1000
Sidorov, Schefski GEOG, RGRLL Film screenings on Global Russia 919
Daulo, Mizelle, Maram, Magwili, Arcenue, Ang ASAM, AMST, THEA, CAPS The Farmworkers’ Struggles Re-Framed:Filipinos, Larry Itliong, and the Delano Grape Strikes of 1965. Film screening and panel discussion. 1200
Wright, Wallsten, Carlos, Shaffer, Daugherty, Burnett, Karadjov, Shrader, Kingsley-Wilson, Metzker, Fleming, Herscovitz JOUR, COMM, POSC, CHLS Cohn and Friedersdorf : “Free speech and safe spaces: What should be allowed and protected on college campuses?” 900
Shafer, Nayak HIST, RGRLL Nathaniel Dupuy: La Vague Punk (French) and Napoleonic caricatures (English) 900
McCroskey, Karadjov, Paskin COMM, JOUR Minielli : The Nixon Administration in Spring 1972: Using archival research to better understand American History, Politics and Journalism. 1000
Mizelle, Reed, Laris AMST, WGSS, GEOG G. Rosenberg: “The State, The Body, and The Countryside: 4-H Clubs as an Engine of Modern Bio-Politics”: 1000
Osuno, Zentgraf, Moreno, Baker, Wilson SOC, CHLS, IST, SOC/MAPS No Doubt: The Murder(s) of Oscar Grant: A Talk with Thandisizwe Chimurenga” & Fruitvale Station Film Screening. 700
Esparza, Lopez, Sandoval, Suarez ENG, CHLS Latina/o Literature Symposium 1300
Pillai, Garcia-Orozco, delCampo THEA, CHLS, RGRLL panel discussion following a Department of Theatre Arts’ production of Cuban American playwright Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas’ play, Bird in the HandSpeakers: Dr. Chantal Rodriguez &Dr. Tiffany Ana Lopez 1000
Tarrant, Rasmussen WGSS, POSC Intersectionality in the Classroom: A Faculty Learning Community (3 meetings/sessions) 900
DelCampo, Howell, Karadjov, Chinchilla, Mosher RGRLL, ANTH, JOUR, SOC, THEA The Invisible Country: alternative journalism in a time of terror: Film premiere and Roundtable discussion with Anthony Rauld 1150
Rodriguez, Shafer, Zentgraf, Chinchilla, Mosher CHLS, HIST, SOC Nelson Denis, author of War Against All Puerto Ricans 1000
Gasior RGRLL, ENG, CHLS, CWLC, PHIL, Lat Am Stud, Med/Ren Studies “The Quixote Quadricentennial: A SoCal Symposium” 1400
Kar, Kim WGSS, AAAS Surviving Trauma and Catalyzing Healing: Conversations Around Mental Health 1000
Wilson, Haldipur, Hashima, Zeta Phi Ro, PAC SOC, AMST, MAPS, student associations Spin Doctors: Filipino DJ Culture in California Panel Presentation, DJ Performance  1200
Smith, Alvitre, Laris, Mosher Stone, Quintiliani, Thein AIS, GEOG, FEA, ANTH Indigenous Cultures Sustainability Series  1500
Mizelle, Kermode, Shafer AMST, ENG, HIST Rubin“Renaissance Faires in American Culture”:A Lecture and Discussion 1000
    TOTAL 22719

Scholarly Intersections F 2014 Awards


Call for Proposals:

CSULB College of Liberal Arts:

Scholarly Intersections Grants: Fall 2015

The CLA Dean’s Office is renewing the very successful Scholarly Intersections Grant program for 2015-16 with an annual budget of approximately $25,000. The goal of the program is to facilitate events and speakers that enhance the intellectual life of the College and provide opportunities for scholarly exchange across departments and disciplinary boundaries. Scholarly Intersections events, therefore, must be co-organized by faculty from at least two CLA departments and may include collaborations with faculty from other campus entities, centers, and colleges.

This year, we encourage proposals that highlight the significance of a Liberal Arts education outside the academy and in academic and professional pursuits not traditionally associated with the Liberal Arts. The possible scope and nature of such events is very wide, and could include, for example, alumni or other speakers/participants from the community or highlight interdisciplinary themes across colleges.

Proposals will be evaluated according to their intellectual merit, clarity and coherence, evidence of interdisciplinary interest and interdepartmental support, and potential for creating scholarly community within the college. Projects may include invited speakers, book circles, themed workshops/mixers, exhibits/screenings and discussions etc. Events may be planned for both Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 semesters. A second, smaller call for Spring is likely.

Proposals should include a brief project summary (700 words maximum) and a separate budget. The proposal should identify:

  • the intellectual focus and interest of the project
  • its interdisciplinary nature
  • target audience/participants
  • anticipated outcomes with respect to creating scholarly community and, if applicable, highlighting the significance of the liberal arts
  • names of sponsoring faculty
  • evidence of commitment from invited speakers and from other sources of funding where applicable
  • how a record will be created for use beyond the event and for documentation on the CLA website. This could include video or audio-recordings (of entire or partial events), written transcripts or summaries, interviews with invited speakers etc.

A separate budget must be attached, identifying budget categories for which Scholarly Intersections funding is requested and those to be funded by any other sources. The target maximum funding per request is $1000. Requests for smaller amounts are encouraged; requests for larger amounts may be made on an exceptional basis with clear justification. The following amounts should be used as guidelines for the maximum Scholarly Intersections portion of the following budget categories (additional spending may come from other sources): Honoraria: $500; Hospitality: $300; Airfare/Travel: $500; Advertising: $0. Higher amounts in these categories may be requested when providing clear justification.

Proposals should be sent to Carol Comfort ( and Misty Jaffe ( by midnight September 26, 2015.