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California State University, Long Beach
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CLA Retreat

Please click here for the powerpoint from the April 2017 retreat.

More information to come as we assemble feedback. 

CLA Retreat 2017


2016-17 Scholarly Intersections Awards and Budgets

Note from Scholarly Intersections Committee: the committee received a record number of high-quality

applications and, after careful review, decided to fund all of them. This required reducing some budget areas.

The decision was made to strictly apply the $1000 total cap (the call announced that proposals over $1000

might be considered) and the $500 maximum for honoraria. The final cut was on hospitality, which was

capped at $100. The FC will be voting at its November meeting on Scholarly Intersections guidelines for next

year, including whether or not to continue with these budget caps.

Scholarly Intersections Awards 16-17
Primary FACULTY DEPARTMENTS EVENT Expense $ Collaborating Faculty
Cindy Alvitre AIS, AMS, ANTH, Film, AAS Indigenous Cultural Sustainability Series Honoraria (4) $1,000 Laris, Mizelle, Mosher, Quintiliani, Smith, Stone, Toji
Jayne Howell ANTH, RGRLL, IST “Nana Dijo” (The African Diaspora in the Americas: Latin American and Latino/Latina Identities) Honorarium $500 delCampo, Fouratt
Hospitality $100
Travel $165
Sam Coleman AAAS, PHIL,RST, SOC, ANTH,SocWork Torture, Ethics and Morality: United States Policy and Practice in the Age of Terror Travel $335.20 Yamada, Wieland, Stewart, Meyer-Adams, Zentgraf, Alimahomed, Baker, Coleman. Loewe, Raibley
Books $253.60
Honorarium $400
Linda Maram, AAAS, HIST, ENGL, AMS Representations of War and Nation: Poetry of American Soldiers Who Served in the Vietnam War Honorarium $500 Mizelle, Hashima, Kim, Chi Delta Theta
Travel $500
Linda Maram AAAS, POSC Gustavo Arellano Honorarium $400 Carlos, Hashima
Linda Maram POSC, ANTH, AAAS Vietnamese and Southeast Asian American Youth as Postcolonial Subjects: Displacement, Racism, Schooling, and State Policies Honorarium $400 Quintiliani, Carlos,Kim
Larry Hashima AMS, AAAS Restoring the Past: Asian American Community-based Historical Preservation Honorarium $600 Kim
Hospitality $100
Anna Sandoval CHLS, AMS, POSC Poet, Writer, Spoken Word Artist and Public Intellectual, Matt Sedillo: Performance and Writing Workshop Honorarium $500 Carlos, López, Maram
Elizabeth Dahab CWL, POSC Looking for Words to Write a New World: Tunisia Before and After Travel $250 Caputi
Honorarium $500  
Hospitality $100  
Lynda McCroskey COMM, JOUR How the Journalistic Voice Changes Across the Globe: Studying Journalistic Role Performance from a Comparative Perspective—Culture, Communication and Politics Travel $420  
Honorarium $500 Karadjov
Hospitality $80  
Neil Hultgren ENGL, CWL, WGSS Queen of the Gypsy Sphinxes: Egyptian References in George Eliot’s The Mill on the Floss Honorarium $500 Reed, Domingo-Foraste
Hospitality $60  
Araceli Esparza ENGL, CHLS Latino literature symposium Honorarium $500 López, Rojas, Sandoval, Suarez, Shaver
Travel $500  
Araceli Esparza ENGL, WGSS, CHLS Bruising for Besos: A Dramatic Film about Healing our Queer of Color Selves and Communities Honorarium $500 Mácias, Rosas
Travel $200  
Hospitality $100  
Dennis López ENGL, SOC Adding Insult to Injury: Racist Police Humor in the Era of Mass Incarceration Honorarium $500  
Travel $450 Chávez, Osuna
Hospitality $50  
Deborah Thien GEOG, WGSS, MCC Keynote Address by Dr. Lynda Johnston Honorarium $500 Reed, Higgins
Travel $500  
Ali Igmen HIST, POSC, IST Dr. Asli Bali: Recent Coup Attempt and its Consequences in Turkey Honorarium $350 Wright, Shafer, Baker
Hospitality $100  
Brett Mizelle HIST, GEOG, BIO Jawsmania: A History. Lecture and Discussion by Dr. Janet Davis Travel $400 Laris, Shafer, Lowe (Shark Lab)
Honorarium $200  
Hospitality $100  
Ken Curtis HIST, AFRS, IST Franco-African Intersections in Film and Literature Honorarium $300 Ceia, Ugwueze
Supplies: Screening Cost $500  
Lauren Heidebrink HDEV, IST, WGSS, GEOG, AMS The Power of Storytelling: Integrating Digital Storytelling in Teaching and Research Honorarium/ Hospitality $1,000 Fouratt, Rosas, House-Peters, Macias, Gomer
Richard Marcus IST, POSC, RGRLL, HIST Scavenging the Uffizi Travel $300 Caputi, Donato, Shafer
Hospitality $100  
Honorarium $500  
Jennifer Fleming JOUR, HIST Millenials, News Media, and Civil Discourse in the Anything Goes Digital Age Honorarium/ Hospitality/ Travel $1,000 Ponce de Leon
Rezenet Moges-Riedel LING, AFRS, ANTH, CHLS American Sign Language Linguistics and Deaf Cultures Program Travel $700 LeMaster, Reynolds, Karenga, Quintiliani, Sandoval
Honorarium $300  
Terri Wright POSC, IST, JOUR, HIST, RGRLL “Torn From the Flag” and Q&A discussion with Director Klaudia Kovacs Honorarium $500 Goldstein, Martinez, George, Chounlamountry, Marcus, Mahoney, Dougherty, Karadjov, Murdock, Jenks,Igmen,Blankenship
Terri Wright POSC, CHLS, AAAS, AIS, IST, JOUR, SOC “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy” and Q&A with Producer and Investigative Journalist Greg Palast Honorarium $500 Metaxas, Carlos, Sandoval, Yamada, Stone, Marcus, Dougherty, Zentgraf
Daniel Herrera-Cepero RGRLL, LIB 1936-2016: Homage to Frederico Garcia Lorca 80 Years After His Death Honorarium $500 Gardner
Travel $250  
Patricia Amézcua RGRLL, ANTH, RST The Day of the Dead: An Ancient Tradition That Has Shaped Mexican Culture Honorarium $500 Estrada, Light
Alicia Del Campo RGRLL, THEA, HDEV Parting Memories: Apuntes Sobre La Frontera. Performance by Violeta Luna Honorarium $500 Howell, Pillai, Heidebrink
Hospitality $100  
Travel $200  
Najib Redouane RGRLL, HIST Lecture and Discussion by Dr. Malika Mokeddem Honorarium $500 Shafer
Hospitality $100  
Travel $400  
Bonnie Gasior RGRLL, LIB, ANTH, RGRLL, HIST, RST Colonial Indigenous Nuns: A talk by Dr. Monica Diaz Any $450 Gardner, Klink, Howell, Mueller, Shafer, Stewart
Armando Mejia SOC, CHLS, POSC Panel Discussion on Environmental Inequality and Justice Activism in Southern California Honorarium $600 Alimahomed-Wilson, Benitez, Marquez
Hugh Wilford HIST, POSC, IST

Professor Salim Yaqub

“Imperfect Strangers: Americans, Arabs, and U.S.–Middle East Relations in the 1970s”

Honorarium $300 Wright, Igmen, Baker
      Hotel and Travel $229  
      Hospitality $100  
Esa Syeed SOC, AMS, CHLS Same Streets/Different Avenues: Urban Change and Community Action Honorarium $900 Gomer, Rosas
Hospitality $50  
David Shafer HIST, AMS

Dr. Jeffrey Melnick

“Creepy Crawling with the Manson Family”









      TOTAL $25,293  

!Active Shooter Response COLA FAC Feb 2016 final

Additional RESOURCES from UNIVERSITY POLICE on Active Shooter responses:




Scholarly Intersections Awards – Fall 2015

Dahab, Amirkhan CWLC, PSY Borch-Jacobsen on Sigmund Freud 950
Baker, Igmen, Wilson, Osuna IST, HIST, SOC Issa: “Iraq Talks Back:Popular Movements in Iraq,” 1000
Donato, Mohr RGRLL (Graziadio) and ENG Paul Vangelisti: Assassins in Love, Poets as translators 500
Kar, Utley, Tarrant, Hanna, Flores WGSS, COMM, College of Ed Filmmaker Emily Lindin Consent, Sexual Shaming, Safety, and Choice: Intersectional Frameworks: Film Screening and Panel discussion. 1200
Amézcua, Loewe, Paquette, Garcia-Orozco RGRLL, ANTH, Art, CHLS Noemi Zepeda Ramirez. The Day of the Dead: An Interdisciplinary Approach to an Ancient Celebration: a theatrical presentation 1000
Sidorov, Schefski GEOG, RGRLL Film screenings on Global Russia 919
Daulo, Mizelle, Maram, Magwili, Arcenue, Ang ASAM, AMST, THEA, CAPS The Farmworkers’ Struggles Re-Framed:Filipinos, Larry Itliong, and the Delano Grape Strikes of 1965. Film screening and panel discussion. 1200
Wright, Wallsten, Carlos, Shaffer, Daugherty, Burnett, Karadjov, Shrader, Kingsley-Wilson, Metzker, Fleming, Herscovitz JOUR, COMM, POSC, CHLS Cohn and Friedersdorf : “Free speech and safe spaces: What should be allowed and protected on college campuses?” 900
Shafer, Nayak HIST, RGRLL Nathaniel Dupuy: La Vague Punk (French) and Napoleonic caricatures (English) 900
McCroskey, Karadjov, Paskin COMM, JOUR Minielli : The Nixon Administration in Spring 1972: Using archival research to better understand American History, Politics and Journalism. 1000
Mizelle, Reed, Laris AMST, WGSS, GEOG G. Rosenberg: “The State, The Body, and The Countryside: 4-H Clubs as an Engine of Modern Bio-Politics”: 1000
Osuno, Zentgraf, Moreno, Baker, Wilson SOC, CHLS, IST, SOC/MAPS No Doubt: The Murder(s) of Oscar Grant: A Talk with Thandisizwe Chimurenga” & Fruitvale Station Film Screening. 700
Esparza, Lopez, Sandoval, Suarez ENG, CHLS Latina/o Literature Symposium 1300
Pillai, Garcia-Orozco, delCampo THEA, CHLS, RGRLL panel discussion following a Department of Theatre Arts’ production of Cuban American playwright Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas’ play, Bird in the HandSpeakers: Dr. Chantal Rodriguez &Dr. Tiffany Ana Lopez 1000
Tarrant, Rasmussen WGSS, POSC Intersectionality in the Classroom: A Faculty Learning Community (3 meetings/sessions) 900
DelCampo, Howell, Karadjov, Chinchilla, Mosher RGRLL, ANTH, JOUR, SOC, THEA The Invisible Country: alternative journalism in a time of terror: Film premiere and Roundtable discussion with Anthony Rauld 1150
Rodriguez, Shafer, Zentgraf, Chinchilla, Mosher CHLS, HIST, SOC Nelson Denis, author of War Against All Puerto Ricans 1000
Gasior RGRLL, ENG, CHLS, CWLC, PHIL, Lat Am Stud, Med/Ren Studies “The Quixote Quadricentennial: A SoCal Symposium” 1400
Kar, Kim WGSS, AAAS Surviving Trauma and Catalyzing Healing: Conversations Around Mental Health 1000
Wilson, Haldipur, Hashima, Zeta Phi Ro, PAC SOC, AMST, MAPS, student associations Spin Doctors: Filipino DJ Culture in California Panel Presentation, DJ Performance  1200
Smith, Alvitre, Laris, Mosher Stone, Quintiliani, Thein AIS, GEOG, FEA, ANTH Indigenous Cultures Sustainability Series  1500
Mizelle, Kermode, Shafer AMST, ENG, HIST Rubin“Renaissance Faires in American Culture”:A Lecture and Discussion 1000
    TOTAL 22719

Scholarly Intersections F 2014 Awards