ASL Linguistics and Deaf Cultures

American Sign Language Linguistics and Deaf Cultures Program

Welcome to CSULB’s new degree program, American Sign Language and Deaf Cultures.  We offer Bachelors degrees in two areas: ASL Linguistics and Deaf Cultures, and an Option in ASL-English Interpreting. Our goal is to provide students with the depth and breadth of knowledge they need in their specialization,  to excel in their future professional goals.  Graduates of our program may choose to enter any profession aided by competencies in American Sign Language & Deaf Cultures.  This knowledge gives the students an edge as they seek post graduation employment in a variety of professions (e.g. law enforcement, teaching, social work, business).  Students may also choose to pursue graduate studies in such fields as linguistics, interpreting, social work, teaching, languages & cultures, etc.  We expect our students graduating with a B.A. in our interpreting option to go on to become nationally certified interpreters who have a comprehensive background in linguistics, giving them an edge in their future professional practice.

We recognize and honor the diversity that exists within the American Deaf Community. With that in mind we expose our students to the beautiful diversity that is the Deaf Community.  By doing so, we empower these future interpreters and linguists to serve the community with professional discretion, interpersonal intelligence, respect for the dignity of the community of consumers, and a passion for delivering the top quality service that the community deserves!

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Dr. Barbara LeMaster, Director