CSULB Language Training Center Initiative

CSULB Language Training Center Initiative

The Language Training Center (LTC) Program was piloted in 2011 and provides language and culture training for Department of Defense (DoD) personnel.  This program leverages existing university and college faculty to provide instruction for DoD military linguists and deploying personnel.  The Institute of International Education (IIE) administers the Language Training Centers program on behalf of the Defense Language and National Security Education Office.


“I’ve grown in contextual understanding of the language. I now can take from the rest of a passage and determine the meaning of words that I didn’t know prior to reading/listening to that particular passage.”

“The roundtable discussions and movies we watched helped to show the cultural nuances of the language.”

“I think I surpassed here even the level I had when I left France.”

“The course should remain a summer intensive, immersive experience. The format is why I chose this course, which was excellent.”

“Getting time to step away from daily life in order to focus on French was essential to my success as well.”

“Another great course. With [the instructor’s] help, I was able to score a 3/3 for the first time.”

“This course was exactly what I needed… This class raised my last DLPT (5 years ago) from 1 to a 2. I think I could have easily gotten a 2+ with a few more days.”

“After not using Russian for 3 years, I came back to a 2/2 level.”

“Best Russian instructor I have had in my 3 years of studying Russian.”

“Also impressive for the assistant to come to the course every day during part of his summer. He was a tremendous asset for learning the target language.”

“[The instructional assistant] put a lot of work into preparing her lessons, and it showed. I appreciated that she was also good about finding a good balance between pushing students to improve their proficiencies while also acknowledging that students were at different levels in the course.”

“I appreciate that [the professor] helped make an intensive [Language] course less stressful than it might have been while still maintaining academic vigor.”

“150 hours in two weeks is about right…if it was much longer, I think my mental threshold would have been breached. Wonderful instruction and will try my best to help “advertise” this course”

“I had never had time to spare when reading through the DLPT before but this time I did.”

“[The instructional assistants] were excellent assistance. They had never-ending patience and were able to answer questions about how and why things were the way there were, which allowed for a cementing of topics.”

“Outstanding. Looking forward to her instruction next year. Professional, courteous, knowledgeable and adhered to a great work schedule and method of learning.”

“Top notch! Great instruction from multiple teaching styles, all exemplary. One-on-one teaching is by far the most effective use of the time in the class. Grammar and composition were addressed, as well as comprehension.”

“[The professor’s] speaking was clear, rapid enough to challenge our listening skills, and covered interesting and challenging topics with a challenging variety of vocabulary.”

“The comprehensive approach was helpful, as was the variety of topics discussed.”

“The opportunity to speak and work with my peers to improve my [language skills] was great.”

“Overall, well done by the team. The instructors and [the program assistant] were very professional.”

“I took the [Defense Language Proficiency Test] Friday and got my first-ever 3/3, up from a most recent score of 2/2+. I had peaked out a couple of years ago with a 2+/3, but I never got a 3/3 before now.”

“I have been to two [Language and Area Studies Immersion programs], both in Tunisia. Neither [Language and Area Studies Immersion programs] improved my score as much as this immersion in California did.”

“[The professor] is an exceptional instructor. I am an instructor of instructors in my primary duty and she has all the qualities we look for. Her passion is clearly teaching and she is good at it.”

“It helped having [the professor] work with me prior to the course. I needed an intensive course like this to improve my proficiency and get me back on track again.”

“Very professional, patient, and knowledgeable. Teaching is hard, and she had to be there all the time, and [the professor] never got tired or grouchy. Always enthusiastic, [the professor] maintained a constant positive learning environment.”

“I think it was incredibly beneficial and I would do it again in a heartbeat if I get the chance.”

 “[The professor] has a completely different teaching strategy. Her ability to teach sentence structure is something I have never seen before.”

 “Both professors have teaching qualities that do not compare to other Farsi instructors I’ve had. [The professor’s] knowledge of the language’s history and the history of Iran provided such great insight. Her grasp of the English language and ability to communicate with us was second to none.”